Rebel Golfers Hit a Rough Patch


Walpole’s Golf team hit a rough patch during their match this Tuesday against Needham.  Although Walpole golfed to the best of their ability, they were unable to beat their opponents.  The match was held at Needham’s home Country Club; it was a nine hole course.  Walpole seemed to struggle through the game.The team only has 2 Seniors on the starting  lineup, which may or may not have been a problem for the team.  When asked about the performance of the team Tim Boush replied, “Not one of us played good, we’re kind of in a rut lately.”    The golf pair Tim Boush and Corey Menno  lost by 17.  Kyle Donnelly and Matt Bender lost by 16.  Every other pair lost just as badly.  So far the Golf Teams record is 6-4.   The team can still make it to tournament if they play well and come back from this less than perfect match.