Ms. Karen Gibbs Joins WHS Faculty


Ms. Karen Gibbs smiles for a picture.

Max Simons

Ms. Karen Gibbs smiles for a pictures.
Ms. Karen Gibbs smiles for a picture.

By Jacky Davis, Catherine Formica, Max Simons, and Lauren Wigren

Everyone can remember what it was like to be a freshman.  High School was a new, unexplored territory where the seniors were big and intimidating, and the classrooms were hard to find.  Often freshmen talk to teachers who know exactly how to help in various areas, from what to do on PLC days to scheduling problems. However, at the start of the 2013 school year, Ms. Karen Gibbs was in the same boat as the new freshmen at Walpole High School. New to WHS, Gibbs currently teaches Web Design and Computer Apps I and II.

With a strong passion for technology, Gibbs completed her college education at Bridgewater State University and Massasoit Community College, earning her Bachelor’s and her Master’s degrees.  Gibbs said, “I love technology.  My first coding class at Massasoit got me hooked, and I wanted to know everything about it. I knew then that that’s what I wanted to do.”   Since there is a great deal of creativity involved, Gibbs believes that she would like to teach art if she did not have the chance to teach technology.

Before Walpole High School, Gibbs taught at Cohasset High School for a year. In addition to Web Design, she taught students how to do an online stock exchange while co-teaching Personal Finance with another math teacher.

Though becoming part of a new school can be nerve-wracking, Gibbs was very excited about coming to WHS. Appreciating the staff  and the way they helped her adjust to the school community, she said, “They’re great people. Even those who aren’t in the same department I’m in, I’ve found, are very helpful. I’m very fortunate.”

Additionally, Gibbs added how happy she was that she’s had very few issues with her kids. She said, “The first thing I said to myself is ‘Wow, these kids are really great!’ You have nice kids in Walpole.”

Looking ahead to next year, Gibbs has a few goals in mind that she wishes to achieve. Among them, she said, “to improve my teaching on a weekly-monthly basis, and do some self assessment. I’d like to go back to school, but it’s not going to happen this year.”

Gibbs is glad about her decision to come to Walpole High School and thus far, has found her time here very enjoyable.  As the year continues to progresses, Gibbs said, ¨I hope the students get the same feeling of satisfaction that I get each and everyday.”