Boys Basketball Honors Captain Pat Donovan


A Walpole athlete looks for an open teammate.

David Moser

The Walpole Rebels took on the Norwood Mustangs on February 12th, 2015, the boy’s Senior Night.  Before the game, each senior’s name was called as they one by one, came to the court to meet their parents.  All the seniors had flowers in hand as they hugged each of their parents.  The last name called was Senior Captain Pat Donovan who with a big smile, greeted his mom, who had recently suffered a traumatic fall that left her paralyzed.  The pair received a standing ovation from every person in the crowd, including both teams and both town’s crowds.  Captain Pat Donovan went on to lead his team to a 70-51 win against rival Norwood; the game was neck and neck for a while, but the Rebels broke away during the third quarter, and sailed to a victory.

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