Gallery: Walpole Girls Hockey Loses to Duxbury 2-1


Caitlin Kahaly

By Callie Ross, Olivia O’Connell, and Caitlin Kahaly

Walpole lost to Duxbury on February 20 with a score of 2-1. After winning their first preliminary game in the playoffs last night against Mansfield/Oliver-Ames/Foxboro, Walpole Girls Hockey will play Watertown/Hanover this Sunday at 8:30 in Kingston.

Against Duxbury, sophomore Olivia Malone, a key defender for Walpole explained, “Even though we didn’t win, I think we had a really strong, defensive game. Duxbury just has a lot of talent.”

After sophomore defender Olivia Malone managed to steal the puck away from her opponent within the Walpole crease, she gave a long pass to offensive player Audra Tosone. Receiving the puck at the half, Tosone skated around the last defender and allowed herself nothing but open ice between her and the goalie. Moving swiftly down the ice, Tosone cranks a slap-shot while getting tripped from behind. Determined, Tosone sent the puck soaring into the back of the net, with just 52 seconds left in the period, tying up the score and ending the second period at 1-1.

“Our offensive line had a really strong play. We all got that goal together, and even though we didn’t win, it’s something to be proud of,” said Tosone of her goal.

In an unexpected turn of events, the noisy ring of the fire alarm sounded with just over five minutes left to play in the game. Everyone at the arena was forced to evacuate to the lobby until the fire department approved that it was safe to finish the game. Fortunately, it was a false alarm and both teams were able to proceed playing their nail-biting game. After an uneventful five minutes, Duxbury secured their lead over the Rebels, resulting in the final score of 2-1.