Student Council’s Pep Rally Boosts School Spirit


Conor McMahon prepares for the balloon pop game.

Ciara Healy

Student Council held the annual Pep Rally in the Walpole High School gymnasium on Nov. 22. Dual Pep Rallies were held: one for the Freshmen and Sophomores, and one for the Juniors and Seniors. The event was held to raise school spirit and moral, and the Pep Rallies were the main event during the Ed-Venture Day. The event included games, a routine done by the Walpole Cheer Team and a performance by the Bollywood Dance Club. “I thought the pep rally went really well, and it was a great way for the whole school to get involved with their own grades. It really set the tone for the school year, and I’m excited that it went well overall!” said Walpole Student Council member Celia Walsh.

Written/ Caroline Pitman

Photos/ Ciara Healy and Caroline Pitman