5 Covid-Friendly Holiday Activities to Do With Friends and Family

Caroline Applin, Layout Editor

Right now, it seems like this holiday season will be a bore, lacking in both spirit and festivities. Covid-friendly activities are hard to find with more and more places closing. My family cuts down a Christmas tree every year; however, the usual tree farm closed due to Covid. Will all holiday traditions be canceled? There is still hope for a fun yet safe holiday season, so keep reading to discover some fun and safe activities. 

Masks may be a pain, but they are great gifts. Have a virtual Secret Santa or Yankee Swap with family or friends. Keep the secret by using the website, drawnames, which is perfect for drawing names and organizing a Secret Santa. One can also create their own wish list as reference and view their drawn name’s wish list. Organize a group, set up a budget and start shopping. When done shopping, mailing the gift is easy and safe as it avoids contact with others. 

The traditional Yankee Swap and family party might not be possible, but why not have a virtual party or a party just with immediate family. An ugly Christmas sweater party is one way that you and your immediate family could create a festive environment. Cookie parties include baking, decorating and of course, eating! Even dressing up for dinner as the Grinch, Santa or an Elf can be creative and evoke the Christmas spirit. 

Don’t forget about the best holiday movies across Netflix, Hulu, On Demand, ABC’s holiday specials, etc. Get together one’s favorite holiday snacks, hot cocoa, a warm blanket and enjoy a holiday movie marathon! New holiday movies on Netflix are The Christmas Chronicles 2 and Operation Christmas Drop, or circle back to the old time favorites like Home Alone (Disney+) and The Grinch (Netflix). Speaking of holiday television, choose a TV series and watch all the holiday episodes while relaxing and having fun. The Office has 7 Christmas episodes that never disappoint. 

Although staying inside one’s warm home is comforting, everyone seeks to get out of the house looking for something fun to do. 

In November, Gillette Stadium launched a drive-through light show, Magic of Lights, in the parking lot across from the main entrance to Patriots Place. Tickets can be purchased online as prices go from $25 to $50 per car. Ending on Jan. 2, Magic of Lights is a great way to stay warm in your own car, see amazing lights and get out of the house. 

On a weekend with sun and maybe snow, head into Boston with family or friends. The Boston Common has many activities in and around the park. Frog pond is great for skating and is open from 10am to 9pm. While waiting in line, try some of their hot chocolate to warm up. The common is also lit up at night with Christmas lights which is great for walking around and admiring them. Sit down and eat at any restaurant near the common and enjoy a nice, exciting and relaxing night. 

2020 might be bringing down the holiday spirit, but it might also be the perfect opportunity to reinvent old traditions.