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Journalizer of the Month

Editors-in-Chief Ashley Kuropatkin and Sarah St. George choose a Journalizer of the Month for the first class of each month. They pick an individual who has exhibited hard work in all of the following categories: thoroughness, accuracy, balance, collaboration, grit, productivity and technological prowess.

September and October 2019

Renee Abbott and Erin Foley

Both have stayed after during paper week to help within their own content areas and others. The doubletruck has been a lot of work, but they both work very hard on it and are able to get it done by the deadline. Lots of online articles are published, being very timely and receiving a lot of views. Both do way beyond what their positions require. They always help out and consistently come up with creative ideas!!

March 2019

GiGi Anello and Rachel Stanton

For our March Journalizer of the Month, we would like to recognize two staff members who, over the past few months, have worked to elevate our social media presence. They have introduced new technologies to create graphics and have consistently been publishing engaging content (including emojis). On top of their responsibilities in their content area, they also frequently write articles for other areas.

For their engaging content and dedication, we would like to recognize Rachel Stanton and GiGi Anello as March’s Journalizers of the Month!

February 2019

Ashley Kuropatkin – Assistant News Editor

For our February Journalizer of the Month, we would like to recognize someone who has recently stepped up in their content area. They consistent publish new articles both for online and the paper and always meet their deadlines. They also are regularly among the list of our most-read articles. In our last paper, they wrote a well-written article on a complex issue affecting the community. They have also been going out of their content area by writing a new series for online. Whenever we need help during paper week, they are always around and willing to help.

For their versatility, dedication to the publication, and impactful articles, we are happy to recognize Ashley Kuropatkin as our February Journalizer of the Month!

January 2019

Caitlin Kahaly – News Editor


For our January Journalizer of the Month, we would like to acknowledge someone who has been an asset to our staff. This year, they have shown immense leadership in their editorial position by both contributing important articles and delegating tasks to staff writers. For the January paper, they wrote a prominent article about a change in the school community. Additionally, they always meet their deadlines and are available to help out after school during paper week.

For their impactful articles, leadership skills, and overall dedication to the paper, we are happy to recognize Caitlin Kahaly as January’s Journalizer of the Month!

December 2018

Brendan Moser – Assistant Sports Editor

For our December Journalizer of the Month, we would like to recognize someone who has written articles that have received a lot of attention on the website. In the past, they have contributed many important coverage articles for their content area. Additionally, one of their most recent articles is currently the most viewed on the website. During paper week, they offer assistance in their content area to see if anything needs to get done.

For their recent involvement and successful articles, we would like to recognize Brendan Moser as December’s Journalizer of the Month!

November 2018

Chloe Patel – Website Editor & Lead Reporter

For our November Journalizer of the Month, we would like to recognize someone who has invested a lot of time to both our paper and website. They have worked extremely hard in updating our website and maneuvering through the many difficulties. They also contributed a sports article to the paper and often works on news articles. This person stayed after during our last paper week and helped out by working on InDesign and proofreading articles.

For their hard work and versatility, we would like to recognize Chloe Patel as November’s Journalizer of the Month!

October 2018

Sarah St. George – Sports Editor

For our October Journalizer of the Month, we want to recognize a J2 who has recently shown hard work and dedication in their editorial board position. This person consistently contributes new article ideas at E-Board meetings, and at their content area’s meetings, they delegate tasks responsibly to staff writers. This person also demonstrates responsibility and ensures that their content area is on top of their work.

For their hard work, responsibility, and new ideas, we would like to recognize Sarah St. George as October’s Journalizer of the Month!

September 2018

Eva Clarke – Lifestyle Editor

For our September Journalizer of the Month, we would like to recognize someone who has contributed hard work and dedication on our most recent paper. This person wrote two articles for our October issue, including an online article turned doubletruck. They have put in a lot of effort into ensuring the articles were completed on time by staying after school on multiple days. They have also impressed us with their creative article ideas for the content area and their contributions at E-Board meetings.

For their hard work and creativity, we would like to recognize Eva Clarke as September’s Journalizer of the Month!

May 2018

Megan Brigham – Staff Writer

For our May Journalizer of the Month, we would like to recognize a staff writer who has put in an impressive amount of work in our most recent issue. Their commitment during the most recent paper week was a great help to us in ensuring that the paper was done on time and looked the best it could be. This person stayed after every day of the week and worked independently—except when asking for a graphic—on their assignments. They also acquired many new technological skills in just one week and even helped others as needed.

For their recent commitment and hard work towards the paper, we are happy to recognize Megan Brigham as May’s Journalizer of the Month!

April 2018

Hope Jordan – Lead Reporter

For our April Journalizer of the Month, we would like to recognize someone who has recently stepped up in their new position. Their leadership they demonstrated from chairing one of our recent events has impressed us and helped to make the event go as best as it could have. Over the past few weeks, this person has taken on a new role that has helped us immensely, especially after the departure of the seniors. They have quickly learned their new tasks and have gone above what is expected from them, including go to Rocky’s to get twine when we needed it.

For their hard work and dedication, leadership, and enthusiasm in taking on a new position, we would like to recognize Hope Jordan as April’s Journalizer of the Month!

March 2018

Samantha Simons – Layout Editor


January 2018

Dana DeMartino – Website Editor

These past few weeks, one J2 worked extremely hard in her area to benefit the entire publication. Because of this individual, The Rebellion has made substantial improvements to our appearance and content. Outside of her position, this J2 has written for multiple content areas for both online and printed articles. She is a crucial member to our E-Board meetings, as she is consistently coming up with great ideas, and giving her insightful input regarding others’ article pitches. We are thankful for her positive attitude, her hard work ethic, and her German heritage. Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Dana Demartino, our January Journalizer of the Month.

December 2017

Grace Donovan – Lifestyle Editor

For our December Journalizer of the month, we would like to recognize a writer who we think has exceeded expectations in their content area. This content area has been exceptionally strong this year, due to its innovative ideas, interesting content, and consistent well written articles. This writer has proved to be a dedicated and talented member of our staff, as not only does she come up with great ideas and write new pieces, but she also does a fantastic job leading the other writers in her content area. During paper week, she is consistently after school, focusing on her page to make sure it is finished before the deadline. We are grateful to have this writer on our editorial board this year, and we know that she will in fact finish the first 73 questions installment. Congratulations to our December Journalizer of the Month, Grace Donovan!

November 2017

Jess Ferguson – Assistant News Editor

For this November Journalizer of Month, we would like to recognize a new, yet veryimportant member of our staff. Ever since the first day of school, this J2 has shown immense dedication and hard work to the paper. Although she is a J2, this staff writer has earned a spot on our Editorial Board, where she is constantly coming up with new article ideas, as well as both giving support and constructive criticism to others’ article pitches.  Once she is assigned an article, this J2 will go to all sources and write a top notch article. Even when she is done with her article, she will help edit others articles and stay after during paper week to work on the layout of other pages. We are impressed with her hard work, her valuable input at Eboard meetings, and her overall dedication to The Rebellion. Congratulations to the November Journalizer of the Month, Jess Ferguson!

October 2017

Katie Hurwitz – Entertainment Editor

For our October Journalizer of the Month, we would like to recognize one of our most dedicated J2s. This staff member has exceeded expectations in her content area, consistently writing unique articles, well-written reviews, and one of a kind features.  Not only does this content editor work efficiently in her area, but she also takes the initiative to work on the layout for her own page or pages when the paper deadline is approaching. This J2 stays after during paper week and has excelled in productivity levels during class. In addition, she has written in multiple content areas, such as sports and news. For her impressive work ethic, her organization that she brings to her content area, and her overall dedication, we would like to recognize Katie Hurwitz as October Journalizer of the Month!

September 2017

Breanna Andreassi – Business Manager

Our September Journalizer of the Month is truly a special addition to our staff. For our first issue, this individual stayed after multiple days to ensure we finished the paper before our deadline. Our Journalizer of the Month has proven to be a crucial addition to our Editorial Board. In just the first few weeks of school, she has excelled in her content area, and has even branched out to other sections of our paper to try new things. Taking on an important editorials position as a J2, she has impressed us with her innovative ideas to expand The Rebellion’s following and funding. We are impressed with her creativity that she has brought to the table and the hard work she puts into her position.  We thank this J2 for her dedication to The Rebellion, her positivity that she brings to the classroom, and her humor that keeps all of us going, even after the iCloud drive is full and the printer has been jammed for the thirtieth time. For these reasons, we would like to name Breanna Andreassi our September Journalizer of the Month!

February 2017

Michaela Donato – Staff Writer

This month, one journalizer proved herself to be one of the most valuable members of our staff. This staff member doesn’t have a position on the Editorial Board, but her ideas and her contributions to our paper have been very impactful. Not just for the March paper, but for every paper we have put out this year, this individual has stayed after school and has worked to make sure that we are always publishing our best material. She has worked hard writing her own editorials, but she also branches into other content areas to help others with their articles. Our staff this year wouldn’t be complete without her, and she continues to strengthen The Rebellion with her hard work and dedication. We can always count on her to pick up our Starbucks when she isn’t going home to unload the dishwasher, and for that, we are thankful. Our February Journalizer of the Month is Michaela Donato!

January 2017

Tara Gordon – Assistant News Editor

In the latest issue, we had numerous big stories. One person took on a lengthy article covering a difficult topic that required communication with various people in and out of school. Despite undertaking one of the most difficult stories, this person finished her article before the deadline; moreover, the article she passed in was descriptive, well-written, and required almost no editing. All around, the story was one of the best pieces that The Rebellion has put out this year. This staff member is always focused and on-task, consistently stays after school during paper week, and is proactive about finishing her assignments and helping others, often asking us if there is any additional work that she can do. Overall, this person has proven herself to be a crucial part of The Rebellion staff, and we truly hope that she is as proud of her work this year and in the latest issue as we are. For these reasons and many more, Tara Gordon is the January Journalizer of the Month!

December 2016

Maeve O’Connor

Our December Journalizer of the Month is someone who consistently does her best work. She puts in time in school and out of school to produce the best content that she can. She manages her section efficiently and always helps others when they have questions or need advice. She is one of the most organized, hard-working, and positive members of The Rebellion staff. Our December Journalizer of the Month is Maeve O’Connor!

November 2016

Katie Mazzotta


Our November Journalizard of the month is an individual who consistently devotes time to the paper during school and after school. She is proactive and brings a positive attitude and good work ethic to our staff. She always works diligently to make sure layout is complete, but many times she goes beyond her content area to help edit articles after they have been placed. And she brings great snacks after school. The November Journalizer of the Month is Katie Mazzotta!

October 2016

Meghan Foley and Grace Sewell – Business Managers


Two individuals worked hard in October to make improvements to our paper even before we had a deadline for the November issue. They are always putting in work in class, and they effectively communicate with both the J2/J3 class and the J1 class. They worked on the layout of several pages in our paper and they helped to make sure we had ads to fill all of these pages. They are always organized and on-task, and without them we certainly would not have a successful paper. Also, they are the most kind and amazing individuals on staff and we love them a lot! Our October Journalizers of the month are Meg Foley and Grace Sewell!

September 2016

Lillie Hunter


For the September Journalizer of the Month, we want to recognize a J2 who has already proven herself to be a valuable Rebellion staff member. Especially in the last few weeks, this individual has taken the initiative to improve her productivity and take on greater responsibility within and out of her content area. Her work ethic in school and out of school was impressive, as was the quality of her work and her ability to stay on task.  Her positive attitude (combined with her hard work and dedication) was a huge help in getting our October issue out. The October Journalizer of the Month goes to Lillie Hunter!

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