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Becoming a Contributor

The Journalism I course is recommended for any students aiming to write for the school publication, The Searchlight. Journalism I is a year course worth 5 credits available to all students. The prerequisite for the course is a minimum grade of 80 in an Honors English class or a 90 in CP-1 English. Those who do not meet the prerequisite can contact the English Department Head Lauren Culliton at [email protected] or The Searchlight adviser Jamie Ferguson at [email protected]. After learning the basics of Journalism, students in Journalism I have the opportunity to write and contribute directly to The Searchlight.

Students in the Journalism II and III courses produce The Searchlight. These students assume greater roles of leadership in the content areas of Photography, News, Sports, Arts and Entertainment, Opinion and Lifestyle. Students can become an extracurricular contributor to The Searchlight outside of the Journalism I, II and III courses by contacting Ms. Ferguson.

Duties of Staff Writers and Content Editors include reporting accurate information, conducting interviews with community members, covering school and sports events, reaching out to businesses, writing articles, filming videos, and learning how to navigate layout softwares for the print publication and website editing for the online publication.

Walpole High School’s newspaper is committed to informing the public, reflecting the students’ views, creating a public forum and serving as an educational medium.

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Becoming a Contributor