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NESPA Awards

The Searchlight received the following awards in both online and printed publication categories:


Class I Print/Online All-New England

News Story: Katie Gillis, Walpole Schools Reduce COVID-19 Restrictions

Feature Story: Maggie Mahoney, Zoe Jagelski Enters Year-long German Exchange

Feature Story: Katie Gillis & Cate Stanton, New Classwize Software Coddles High School Students

Sports Story: Cate Stanton, Girls and Boys Track Race at Boston University for the First Time

Sports Story: Maggie Mahoney, Walpole Cheerleaders Qualify for Nationals


Class I Print/Online All-New England

Feature Story: Greg Tsougas, #FreeBritney Movement Reveals the Dangers of Conservatorship in the Music Industry


Class I Print/Online All-New England


Class I Print/Online All-New England

Special Achievement Awards:

News Story: Samantha Simons, GSA, SFE and Feminism Club join together to discuss microagressions

News Story: Chloe Patel, Police Department prepares students with ALICE training

News Story: Charlottle Schoenthaler, Walpole works to create awareness on dating violence

Blogs: Catherine Hurwitz, Cooking with Katie

Sports Story: Sarah St. George, Lincoln Griffin Contributes to Northeastern Beanpot Championship

Sports Story: Charlotte Clarke, Danielle Dentremont and Kate McLellan, Cam Schlittler commits to Northeastern University for baseball

Personality Profile: Jess Ferguson, Richard Kim prepares his final Dance Company Show

Personality Profile: Caitlin Kahaly, Walpole community remembers Jeff Mattson

Slide Show with Photos: Emily Smith, Theatre Club Performs first Fall Musical: Cinderella

Homepage Design: Chloe Patel


Special Contest on Localizing: Tara Gordon, Callie Ross, Lindsey Sullivan, A Wake-up Call: Addressing Teenage Cellphone Addiction

Special Achievement Awards:

Review: Dana DeMartino, “The Greatest Showman” Disappoints Audience Members With Its Idealization of the First American Circus

Feature Story: Jess Ferguson, Callie Ross and Lindsey Sullivan, The Buzz About Vape: School Leaders and Students Weigh in on Increasing Use of Vaporizers

News Story: Emily Ball, Jackson receives Honor Award from Norfolk County Teacher’s Association

News Story: Emily Ball, Maria Hall named School Nutrition Director of the Year

News Story: Caitlin Kahaly, Walpole Seniors Receive M.A.S.S. Certificates of Excellence

News Story: Catherine Hurwitz, McCarthy Hosts Walpole’s First Multigenerational Music Concert

News Story: Jess Ferguson, Town Committee Condemns Hate Groups in Walpole

News Story: Tara Gordon, The 15th Annual Walpole High School Film Festival

Bylined Column: Emily Ball, Examining the effect of class labels on student performance

Personality Profile: Caitlin Kahaly, Javon Jackson Spreads Positivity with Words of Wisdom

Sports Story: Delaney Murphy, Alison Foley and Jake Hurley Continue their Lacrosse Careers at Assumption College

Artwork/Cartoon: Abby Hile, “First Job Advice”

Homepage Design: Dana DeMartino and Julia Kane



Class I Third Place The Rebellion

Artwork/ Cartoon: Danielle Borelli, How to Overcome Your Stress

Artwork/ Cartoon: Danielle Borelli, Stay Cute And Cozy This Winter Season

Editorial: Andrea Traietti, Michaela Donato and Danaya Soluonollah, Walpole High School Administration Should Reconsider the Decision to Cancel School Dances

Feature Page Design: Abby Hile and Kerstin Fontanez, Seven Wonders of Walpole

Feature Story: Emily Ball, Walpole High Works to Keep Students with Cystic Fibrosis Safe

Infographic: Ellie Hilty, “I Have Cheated”

Sports Story: Emily Martin and Delaney Murphy, “Girls XC wins Division III Meet”



Special Achievement Awards:

Sports Photo: Julia Adams, “Dominating Durfee: Rebsoc Wins 8-1 before Losing to Franklin” (photo 9/9)

Feature Page Design: Kaitlin Brown, “Memories in Ink” (page 8)

Sports Page Design: Ellie Hilty, “Concussed” (page 16)

Opinion Page Design: Ellie Hilty, “World News: Terrorism” (page 8)

Opinion Page Design: Ellie Hilty, “Heritage or Hate” (page 4)

Sports Story: Lucy Lynch, “Jenna Burchesky Competes at International Curling Championship”

Sports Story: Delaney Murphy, “Girls 4×800 Meter Relay Team Qualifies for Nationals and Sets New School Record”



First Place in the All New England Class I Print/ Online category.

Special Achievement Awards:

Sports Story: Ben Brownsword, “Summer King reaches millenial mark for Walpole”

Sports Story: Matt Brownsword, “Baseball knocked out of first round in playoff game”

2014: First Place in the All New England Class I Print/ Online category.

Special Achievement Awards:

Best Home Page Design: Rory Mulligan, Bryan Kelleher and Annie Gallivan

Editorial: Hannah McLaughlin, “Parents vs Programmers of GTA V: Who is Really to Blame?”

Review: Hannah McLaughlin,  “Spike Jonze awes audiences”

Sport Story: Peter Hoegler,  “Boys Soccer makes an improbable state championship run”

Sports Story: Matthew Brownsword “State Championship!”

Sports Story: Mackenzie Wilson, “Cross Country newcomer Allie Morris breaks school course record”

2013: First Place in the All New England Class II Newspapers category.

Sports Story: Pete Hoegler, “Boys Basketball Falls to Natick In OT Thriller”

Sports Story: Pete Hoegler, “Boys Basketball Stunned by Hingham’s Late Rally”

2012: Special Achievement Awards:

Sports Story: Russell Ollis, “Hanley Brothers Get It Done Against Norwood”

Sports Story: Bill Rockwood, “McCarthys Re-write Walpole Track Record Books”

Review: Bill Rockwood, “‘Workaholics’ Addicts Fans in Season Two”

Review: Hannah McLaughlin,  “From Best Day Ever, “Life in a Day” Prevails as Best Movie in a Long Time”

Page Layout: Christina Freiberger, “Winter Ball”

2011: Second Place in the All New England Class II Online category.

Highest Achievement in the Class I Newspaper Category

Special Achievement Award:

Bylined Column: Caroline Cohn, “Flawed Teacher Layoff System Reduces a Education Quality”

2010: Highest Achievement Award in Class I Newspaper Category

Special Achievement Award:

Podcast: Juliana Donaher, Natalie DiMartino, Ara Narcession, “Confederate Flag Appropriate for Walpole High?”

2008: Highest Achievement Award in Class II Newspaper Category

Special Achievement Award:

Review: Jennie Cullinane, “Winehouse Finds Niche in Old-School Blues”

2006: Third Place in the All New England Class II Newspaper category 

Special Achievement Awards:

Sports Story: Sarah Kiewlicz, “Girls Softball Faces and Defeats Tough Competition”

Review: Andrea Alberto, “Ben Folds Songs for Silverman”

Review: Brian Donnelly, “Hostel”

2005: First Place in the All New England Class II Newspapers category.

Special Achievement Award:

Sports Story: Dan Horgan, “Girls Basketball Incendiary Play Fuels a Red Hot Season of Wins”






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