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Massachusetts Scholastic Art & Writing Awards


Silver Key, Journalism, Renee Abbott: WHS Green Team Leads Successful Fall Clean Up

Silver Key, Journalism, Danielle Dentremont: Terri Thornton Retires After 43 Years of Teaching

Silver Key, Journalism, Ashley Kuropatkin: Bird Middle School is Eligible to Receive MSBA Grant

Silver Key, Journalism, Catherine McLellan: Wickedly Entertaining, Shockingly One-Sided

Honorable Mention, Journalism, Charlotte Clarke: Everything to Know About ASMR

Honorable Mention, Journalism, Anna Smith: Freshman Diver Amanda Melish is a State Champion and School Record Holder


Gold Key, Critical Essay, Jess Ferguson, Forced Participation in Discussions Hinders—Not Helps—Student Growth

Gold Key, Journalism, Brendan Moser, Rae Twins Finish Their Monumental Careers With Walpole High School’s Volleyball Program

Silver Key, Journalism, GiGi Anello, Rachel Stanton, The Effects of Social Media on High School Students

Silver Key, Journalism, Caitlin Kahaly, Jess Ferguson, Holocaust Survivor Shares Life Story with Walpole High School Upperclassmen

Honorable Mention, Journalism, Jess Ferguson, Callie Ross, The Buzz About Vape: School Leaders and Students Weigh in on Increasing Use of Vaporizers


Gold Key, Journalism, Caitlin Kahaly, Faculty Encouraged to Ask Students for Preferred Pronouns

Gold Key, Journalism, Lindsey Sullivan, A Wake-up Call: Addressing Teenage Cellphone Addiction

Silver Key, Critical Essay, Lindsey Sullivan, Girl Talk: Unpacking the Taboo Surrounding Periods

Silver Key, Journalism, Tara Gordon, Walpole High Sophomore Anthony Conti Creates His Own Hollywood Film


Silver Key, Journalism, Michaela Donato, Communities Combat Opioid Epidemic

Silver Key, Critical Essay, Michaela Donato, Common Core Hurts Massachusetts Students

Silver Key, Critical Essay, Michaela Donato, Evolution of Education

Silver Key, Critical Essay, Michaela Donato, Improving Education: Students as Necessary Proponents of Change

Honorable Mention, Critical Essay, Michaela Donato, Famillial Dysfunction: Uncovering Effects on Children

Honorable Mention, Journalism, Emily Martin, Principle Advocates for New Standards Based Grading System

Silver Key, Critical Essay, Emily Martin, Administration Must Increase Student Representation in Policy-Making

Silver Key, Journalism, Daanya Salmanullah, Communities Combat Opioid Epidemic

Honorable Mention, Journalism, Grace Sewell, Henry Woo Brings Success to the Math Team

Honorable Mention, Critical Essay, Andrea Traietti, “I Have Cheated”: A Look into the Policies and Ethics of Academic Dishonesty

Honorable Mention, Critical Essay, Melanie Weber, Have Youth Sports Gone Too Far?



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