Labor Day Road Race Best in History


A junior Cross Country runner leads a few freshmen Cross Country runners at the beginning of the race.

Danielle Levya

A junior Cross Country runner leads a few freshmen Cross Country runners at the beginning of the race. (Photo courtesy of Mary Barry)

The Walpole High School Cross Country and Track Boosters held the 38th Walpole Road Race, the most successful road race in Walpole history. On the day of the race, Sunday, September 5, there was a record number of runners with 723 that were split between either the “Walpole Ed” 5K run or the Herb Lewis Memorial & John D. Murphy & Co. 10K run. The 5K race started promptly at 10am, immediately followed by the 10K race. After the race, runners were provided with food and beverages that were generously donated by Stop & Shop and a free massage therapy session. After the race, Walpole Coaching Legend Jim Erker and “Walpole Ed” Damish hosted the award ceremony and raffles.

The road race is the biggest fundraiser for boys and girls Cross Country, Indoor Track, and Spring Track. All Cross Country athletes, as well as many Track athletes, participated in the 5k, which was a good way for the long distance athletes to start their season.

Many of them, as expected, faired well in the race and were recognized during the award ceremony. Seniors Zach Ganshirt, Chris Conley, and Ryan Morris finished in the top 3 for their age group. Now a two time winner of the road race, with a time of 16:40, Ganshirt said, “The road race will hopefully lead to a successful season as a senior in cross country.”

Junior Megan Peterson came in first for her age group at 21:34, followed closely behind by sophomores Rachael Barry and Kristen Coyne. Peterson said, “To me the road race is a foreshadowing of what the rest of the team and I will be able to accomplish this season.”

The profit of the race was $20,500, the most raised in road race history. The Walpole Track Boosters will use the money raised to pay for equipment, busses, uniforms and coaches. Next year the Cross Country and Track Boosters plan on continuing the success with getting over 800 runners for the race.

To see video coverage of this event, the Walpole Recreation Department has put together a short video clip to watch here: .

To see photos of the event, here are a few slideshows.  This slideshow was provided by Mary Barry:

And, thanks to Jim Rhoades, here are more pictures from the 5k ( and the 10k (