Golf Team Optimistic as Playoffs Approach


Walpole Golfer lines up for a drive.


Walpole golfer lines up for a drive. (Photo/Tyler Creighton)

For the past few years, the Walpole Golf Team has proven their capabilities on the course with above average play from excellent players.  Not much has changed this year.  Led by seniors Tim Boush and Kyle Donnelly, the team is once again expected to make the state tournament as they stand amongst the top teams in Bay State Conference.  They place second in the Herget Division with an 8-3 record as of October, behind only the 11-2 Wellesley team.  Things look hopeful, and as Tim Boush said, “we have a solid core of players.  If there’s a concerted effort from all of us, there’s a good chance we’ll have a championship under our belts.”

Every team has players that supply a little heart to the game, emotionally leading in order to add the necessary adrenaline and focus.  Time and again, senior Joe Murphy has taken over this role for the golf team.  The team wouldn’t be as far as they’ve gotten to this day if it weren’t for him.

October will be a trying month of the Walpole Golf Team, as the final act of their season will play out and they will know for sure if their dedication will pay off.  Donnelly feels that “anything less than at least one win in the playoffs will be a disappointment.  We’re good enough to go far in this, and my expectations are pretty high.”

Coach Mike Sullivan has trusted this team from the start, not only because of their veteran leadership, but the performance of some of their younger players as well.  There is a lot of potential on the team, with players like juniors Matt Bender and John MacDonald, as well as sophomore Rob Boush, leading the way for the underclassman.  This youth is important, as these players will have a good amount of experience for seasons to come.  Both the immediate and long-term future of this team looks bright, it’s all a matter of whether or not they can perform this week in the playoffs.