Cofsky and Hahn Organize First Annual Coffee House Event

Cofsky and Hahn Organize First Annual Coffee House Event

Christina Freiberger

For as long as he has been in high school, junior Caleb Cofsky has been wanting to organize a high school event that would feature local teenage musicians in a low-key venue.  A solo guitarist and singer himself, Cofsky wanted to create an event that was not as raucous as the Adam’s Farm Battle of the Bands, but a little bit louder than the Fall Poetry Reading.  So late in September, Cofsky made his most recent event-proposal to the Assistant Principal William Hahn, and unlike his previous proposals, Mr. Hahn approved of Cofsky’s idea.  After some brainstorming, Caleb’s dream finally came into fruition with Walpole High School Coffee House.

Scheduled before a long weekend on Thursday November 10, the Walpole High School Coffee House had about 60 students and teachers for a night of musical entertainment.

When proposing the idea, Cofsky said, “The ‘Coffee House’ setting would be the best environment to not only showcase the brilliant talent of WHS musicians, but also for people from all social circles to get together and enjoy good music.”

The performers varied between freshmen and seniors, instrumentalists and singers, groups and individuals. The event ran for about an hour and a half, with endless enthusiasm from the crowd. Senior Carolynn Saba sang a solo Carrie Underwood song called “The Night Before,” which she explained was an important song to her, as it was about leaving one leaving one’s family for adventures, such as college.

Following Saba, seniors Matt Ryan and Dan Meyers both played guitar while Ryan sang lyrics to the song “The General” by The Dispatch. Cofsky followed the senior artists with “Seagull” by Bad Company and “Send Me On My Way” by The Rusted Root.

Listeners visited the snack bar set up with treats and hot beverages until the last performers, a band called “Cloud 9,” were finished. The band consists of sophomores Andrew Hazerjian, Ray Broweur, and Pat Connell.  “Cloud 9” performed the final set of the night with songs “Jumper” by Third Eye Blind and “Beridden” (an original song written by the band).

To end the evening, the administration thanked everyone who came out to the event and commented on the event’s success as a whole. Being a main contributer to the event, Cofsky was happy with the outcome as well. Cofsky said, “I know how a lot of students at WHS, including myself, love to play music for an audience,” and that is exactly the opportunity the Coffee House provided for the students.  Due to the positive feedback, Cofsky aims to set up the Coffeehouse as a seasonal venue at the high school to provide a new outlet for students to express their musical talents