Photography Club Hopes to Expand With 2012 Calendar


The club shows us a preview of what the 2012 calender will look like.

Amanda McManus

A display of the January page of the 2010 Calendar.

Walpole High School’s student-based Photography Club was created with the intention of bringing students together with a similar interest of expressing creativity through the study of photography and film. The club constructed a calendar of the student’s photographs and are selling it to students, teachers, and families. The group attended Parent Teacher Night and sold about 20 calendars, most to returning customers from last year. The club is still in its earliest stages, but the members hope to carry on the traditions of the Photography Club from last year, starting with the 12-month calendar.

The club’s goal is to sell about 50 calendars, equalizing the money used to make them. One of the leaders, junior Erin Batchelder, said, “We aren’t trying to make money for the club, the calendar is more about promoting the club in the school and community and having something fun to get more people involved.” The members hope to expand their club by increasing awareness through the distribution of these calendars.

The calendar features generally digital photos of landscapes and nature, all varying in appearance because of the different tastes from photographers. The photographers bounce ideas about their artwork off other photographers in the club through discussions and critiques to maximize each other’s potential and to create visually appeasing photographs.

If one is interested in purchasing a calendar for himself or herself, the group has ordered a few extras. One can contact any of the members at [email protected] The members encourage all interested to get them while they last!

Some of the photography club members pose for a picture.