Annual Fall Poetry Reading Brings “Cappachillos” to Barnes and Nobles


Marissa Glover


A Walpole High School student recites an original poem at Barnes & Nobles.

The atmosphere pulsed with excitement as anxious students prepared to read their poetry at Barnes and Nobles for the annual Fall Poetry Reading on Tuesday, November 22. The Poetry Reading, a rare but special opportunity facilitated by Mr. Alan, gives teenagers the chance to have their creativity and talent showcased in a night full of poems that span the entire emotional spectrum–there were hilarious poems such as senior Anthony Earabino’s Coffee Sonnet (which elicited many laughs from students and teachers alike), and senior Hope Kelley’s heartfelt “What I remember,” which brought tears to everyone’s eyes as she poured her heart out in front of a huge crowd. The variety of work showed not only an entire range of emotions, but also reflected the diversity of students and the unique comforts  of everyone that participated.

The night began with live acoustic music, featuring student musicians Isabella Caraccioli and Caleb Cofsky singing soft melodies and strumming gently on their guitars. The music started at six p.m. and led right into the Reading, which began with poetry by Career and Ed students Dan Cain, Anisha Mepani, and Eric Folan. Other students from Walpole High School, including most of the students in Mr. Alan’s Creative Writing class, read off their poetry and awed faculty, parents, and fellow peers with eloquent sonnets and interesting free-writes. While many students were nervous about reading their work, the warm, calm atmosphere helped everyone to settle into the night  and share their poetry with the audience.

Although the Poetry Reading is most definitely a great opportunity academically, many students see it as something more. When asked about the poetry reading, senior Luke Witherell said, “The Poetry Reading is one of the few times in the year where the real life problems of the small town teenagers that we are are brought to light in front of our parents and friends.” This could not be more true, as students fearlessly poured their hearts out into the mic throughout the entire night, wearing their hearts on their sleeves, and expressing opinions that fellow peers had perhaps not been previously aware of. Not to mention that with the huge crowd turnout, there is certainly no denying that people saw these students in a whole new light, not as friends or aquaintances or athletes, but rather as artists, creators of masterpieces and amazing poetry.

Surprised and delighted by the success of this year’s Poetry Reading, possible plans of a reading in the spring are absolutely being brought into consideration by Mr. Alan and Administration, which would be a huge step for Walpole High School in reviving the Poetry scene, which seems to have faded into the underground not only at the high school, but also in society in general. Senior Jaquil Brooks commented, “The diversity was great, seeing people from all social groups come together to listen to some good poetry in a warm, friendly atmosphere.”