Annual Powder Puff Game Unites Junior and Senior Girls


Dana Morrone



The 2011 Powder Puff team proved to have a successful turnout this year despite the inclimate weather. The game, which is a spin off of flag football, was present at Walpole High School in the 80’s and 90’s. However, it was dismissed for a decade and then reintroduced within the past few years. This year was the fourth consecutive season for the game. After only a few days of practice, the junior and senior girls rallied up and were ready to fight for the annual Powder Puff game victory.

Compared to previous years, Powder Puff was much different during this 2011 season. The referee for last year’s game was Mr. Benjamin Kammpper, who is a physical education and health teacher at the high school who coaches football in the fall. Senior Rebecca Goula, who played in both last year’s and this year’s Powder Puff game, believes that Coach Kammpper was “so lenient with the seniors” she said. This season’s referee was Athletic Director and Rebel baseball coach, William Tompkins. It was evident that Tompkins was very serious about the game and was very hopeful for an accurate final score. He surprised the crowd by calling three offsides penalties within only the first few minutes of the game.

Despite the increase in penalties called by Coach Tompkins, the game did not lack excitement, as big plays unfolded frequently. ¬†One included the senior girls’ planned move, titled “Flaming Torch,” where they all held hands in a circle around Genna Swanson, and she walked in for a touchdown. Another was the huge game changer for the junior team, with Stephanie Barmakian making an outstanding interception. Her teammates quickly lifted her onto their shoulders and put her into a victory rise in order to celebrate her great play.

The juniors held the lead by the middle of the game, and ended up taking the victory. Some were blown away by these results, and some were more solemn than surprised. Ms. Mcmenimen, student council adviser, was the coordinator of Powder Puff this year. On the juniors winning, she commented, “Yikes…there’s a first for everything, it was bound to happen.” Senior Rebecca Goula, who was wide receiver and cornerback on the senior team, was disappointed by her teams loss, but had a positive outlook on the situation. She said, “at the end, some of the seniors were really upset over it but its times like that you have to realize that its a game and you lost and you just have to get up and shake their hand because they beat you and can’t be upset about it. Last year it was rigged for the seniors to win. I guess that wasn’t the case this year.”

Overall, the 2011 Powder Puff season was a great one.The rain did not seem to affect anyone’s expectation on fan attendance at Fore Kicks. The popularity of the game is increasing each year. Ms. Mcmenimen stated, “the girls like getting competitive” and that “they like the school spirit, the tradition, and the t-shirts.” Even though there are plenty of more seasons of Powder Puff to come, it is clear that this year’s surprising junior victory will be in the memory of Walpole High School students and staff for years to come.