Walpole Soccer Players Help to Find “The Cure” to Breast Cancer


Jake Moser

The Cure dominating possession in their game last Sunday at Forekicks. (Photo/ Peter Hoegler)Despite a relatively unsuccessful season for the Walpole boys JV soccer team, the players decided they weren’t done with soccer just yet this year.  Sophomore Wesley Doolan and some of his teammates decided to put together a soccer team for the indoor league at Forekicks in Norfolk. Then, an idea struck Doolan: his team would help in the fight against breast cancer.  “I came up with the idea after my aunt was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and wanted to do as much as I could to help,” said Doolan.  The team decided to call themselves “The Cure” and to wear pink jerseys to help raise awareness.  The team also acquired some sponsors to donate one dollar each to the American Cancer Society for every goal they score.

So far, the team has been very successful thanks to Andrea Doolan and Joe Weinacht, who have done a spectacular job coaching these boys to success.  The players have done a great job playing as one cohesive unit, and every player has contributed to the team’s successful 2-0-2 record.  Juniors Griffin Fontana, Joe Sheehan, and Jake Moser provide the leadership for the team that is mostly made up of sophomores, including Charles Weinacht, Bobby Rabaioli, Doolan, Brendan Sullivan, Ryan Brown, Bobby Ross, and Matt Brownsword, as well as freshman Colin Murray.  This high powered team has produced an astounding 18 goals in four games, and has held opponents to just nine.  According to Doolan, “the team is good.  We have strong players that get along and play the game the way its supposed to be played.  We have many star players like Charles Weinacht and Jack Stedman.  They are very aggressive and always looking for a goal.”

The Cure is always looking for more sponsors, so if you would like to help them in the fight against breast cancer, the team is working on its own page on the American Cancer Society’s website.  As of now, The Cure is looking towards their next game against The Green Machine this Saturday at 9pm.  “We are just out there to have fun out there, and if we can help raise some money for breast cancer awareness, that’s even better,” said Doolan.