WYBA High School Intramural League Returns with Renewed Passion

WYBA High School Intramural League Returns with Renewed Passion

Jake Moser






76ers (2-0)

Head Coach: Peter Mirabile

Players to watch:

–>Matt Ryan- Ryan is a tall rebounder with a strong mid-range game.

–>Brendan Donovan- Donovan, a skilled ball-handler, can both shoot the three and get into the paint.

–>Ryan Beatty- The 76er’s big man is an inside threat who can both score and rebound.

Season Outlook:  The 76ers are off to a good start, and look for them to continue to compete every weekend.  Even though they are not the strongest team in the league, they will make every team earn the victory.






Celtics (2-0)

Head Coach: Eric. Kraus

Players to Watch:

–>Dan King- King can do it all.  Not only is he a scoring threat from anywhere on the court, but he is also a capable defender.  His size is unparalleled.

–>Drew Stanton- Stanton is a major scoring threat in the paint, but he also can hit the mid-range jumper, as well.

–>Bill Rockwood- Rockwood is a turnover causing animal who has a wet jumper from long range, but can also push the floor.

Season Outlook: The Celtics are the current favorites to win the title this year.  Head Coach Eric Kraus always drafts well, and this year was no different.  Not only will they win most of their games, but with this year’s team, the will win big.






Knicks (0-2)

Head Coach: Greg Zanello and Ryan Sullivan

Players to Watch:

–>Mike LaVita- Mike can score from most areas of the court, and he is a tough player to guard, as well.

–>Timothy Sullivan- The senior soccer captain is a formidable opponent when carrying the ball, but he is a tenacious defender, too.

–>Winston Ho- Ho is one of the taller players in the league, which is why he will be a top shot blocker and rebounder for the Knicks this year.

Season Outlook: The Knicks did not get off to a great start, but they certainly have the pieces to succeed.  With their strong defense and able shooters, the Knicks will compete this year.






Lakers (0-2)

Head Coach: Coleman Nee

Players to Watch:

–>Mike Baryski- He is strong with the ball, and can also play good defense.  Baryski also has one of the best perimeter jumpers in the league.

–>Mike Rando- As one of the top ball handlers in the league, and his blazing speed, Rando will run you out of the game. Not to mention he can shoot the three.

–>Chris Nee- He is a able dribbler who can get to the hoop with ease.  Nee can definitely hurt other teams in the paint.

Season Outlook: Surprisingly, the Lakers were unable to get a win in the opening weekend.  If they can play better defense, the Lakers will  definitely be a strong competitor, but as long as the defense does not improve, the Lakers will remain mediocre.






Magic (0-2)

Head Coach: Joe Moriarty

Players to Watch:

–>Jake Mich- A talented shooter that can get to the hoop and also hit the mid range jumper.

–>Chris Conley- One of the fastest players in the league, Conley does not need to use his good dribbling skills in the league to beat you, he will just run past you.

–>Brian Jackowski- A solid player in all areas of the game. He consistently plays well no matter the circumstances.

Season Outlook: The Magic did not start off well, and it does not look like it will get much better.  This team has a lack of depth off the bench that will hurt them in the long run.






Mavericks (2-0)

Head Coach: Robert Gay

Players to Watch:

–>Cam Hanley- Great on both offense and defense.  He can drive to the basket almost as well as King and Lavanchy.

–>Craig Hanley- Craig can hit the outside shot, but he can get to the basket, too.  He also is a force on defense, controlling the paint whenever he is in the game.

–>James Smith- Smith can hit the three from almost anywhere on the court. The kid does not miss. Period.

Season Outlook: The Mavericks, along with the Celtics, are a strong contender for the championship this year.  With a deep bench and a strong defense, the Mavericks will definitely make a run this year.






Nets (1-1)

Head Coach: Brendan Croak

Players to Watch:

–>Nolan Murray- Possibly one of the strongest players in the league with the ball.  He can score from most places on the court.

–>David Driscoll- A strong inside player, Driscoll is a menace on defense, but his offensive game often lacks touch.

–>Colin Murray- Like his brother, he is a strong ball handler, but he lacks height, which hurts his inside game.

Season Outlook:  At the begining of the season, Croak’s team looked like a middle-tier team, but with the injury to Nolan Murray (broken wrist), the Nets look like they will fall to the bottom of the standings.






Nuggets (0-2)

Head Coach: Jim Kelliher

Players to Watch:

–>Aidan Lancaster- Lancaster is one of the best defenders in the league, he can guard almost anybody.

–>Charlie Love- Love can score from all over the court, and possibly the parking lot.  He is also a force in the paint on both offense and defense.

–>Harry Berkland- Harry is a strong dribbler and he can also score from outside with mild consistency.

Season Outlook: While having some talented players, the Nuggetts lack depth and will be unable to compete with top teams like the Celtics and Mavericks.






Rockets (2-0)

Head Coach:Peter Drogan

Players to Watch:

–>Chris Hoyt- One of the fastest players in the league, Hoyt’s speed rivals that of Rando and Conley.

–>Robby Alessandro- A capable player in all facets of the game, he can score from mid range with ease.

–>Tom Demarais- A dependable player who consistently plays his game.

Season Outlook: The Rockets started off great, winning both of their games opening weekend.  What makes the Rockets good though is their depth.  Their bench is full of capable shooters and defenders that can handle most teams.  Look for the Rockets to be a surprise competitor this year.






Sonics (0-2)

Head Coach: Carl Plaut and Nick Fontek

Players to Watch:

–>Brad Webber- He is a killer in the paint on both offense and defense.  Webber is a scoring machine in the paint and a monster shot blocker on defense.

–>Giorgio Sarkis- One of the most determined players in the league, Giorgio will go hard all 40 minutes.

–>Bill Cullinane- Bill, a knock down shooter, is the heart and soul of the Sonics.

Season Outlook: Although the Sonics season did not start as planned, stellar coaching from relative newcomer Carl Plaut, and leadership from team Captain Bill Cullinane will hopefully bring this team back from the depths of the league.






Spurs (1-1)

Head Coach: Joe Weinacht

Players to Watch:

–>Matt Lavanchy- A speedy, athletic player who can run the fast break with the best.

–>Mike Kavolius- He is a strong player in all facets of the game on both offense and defense. Mike is a solid player all around.

–>Tyler Creighton- Creighton is solid in all facets of the game, most notably on the boards.  He will out-rebound most players in the league.

Season Outlook: Despite dropping one of their first two games, the Spurs look to be a promising team this year.  What makes them so good is their big three, who will dominate on both sides of the court, making it difficult for other teams to compete.






Wizards (2-0)

Head Coach: Martin Tori

Players to Watch:

–>Kyle Donnelly- A strong mid range shooter that can also drive the lane with skill, Donnelly emerged as a force in week one after a solid 2011 campaign.

–>Colton Mitchell- A solid ball handler who can shoot the three.

–>Bryan Kelleher- Bryan can provide his team with consistent play every shift, every game, every weekend.

Season Outlook: The Wizards started out strong in the opening weekend, winning both games, but to continue their success the Wizards must continue to play with the same tenacity.