‘Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” portrays cliche message to viewers.

Alex Barmakian

Alex Barmakian

Class of 2010

Everyone has past relationship regrets; wondering if they broke up with the potential love of their life. Connor Mead, an infamous womanizer and big time photographer, played by Matthew McConaughey in “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past”, has his priorities completely amiss from reality as he dismisses any plausible long term relationship that may arise. This includes him breaking up with three women over a video conference call. 

While attending the wedding rehearsal of his younger brother Paul, characterized by Breckin Meyer, on the East Coast, Connor attempts to talk him out of the ceremony just a day before by offering a getaway vehicle. The personality that is displayed by McConaughey is simply a woman’s dream; trying to break up marriages, hitting on the much older mother of the bride and going as far as dropping the cake symbolizing holy matrimony. 

As the disastrous rehearsal culminates, Mead stumbles up to the bathroom where he is greeted by his deceased Uncle Wayne (Michael Douglass). When Connor’s parents died as he was a young child, his uncle was his biggest influence, making him the primary reason for why his newphew’s morals are out the window. After his first visit comes Emma Stone’s role, Allison Vandermeersh, who was his first high school girlfriend. She comes back as his Ghost of the Past to haunt him about previous romances. They go through every past relationship he has ended including his and Jenny Perotti’s who ironically is involved with the wedding. Jennifer Garner does a fair job of portraying a girl who was emotionally hurt but learns to put in behind her and make something better of her life. The trite representation her character is somewhat boring, making Garner look like a washed- up actress.

Next came run ins from secretary and Ghost of the Present Melanie (Noureen DeWulf) and Ghost of the Future ( Olga Maliouk) which proved the night to be an eye opener for Mead. They teach him that his morals are completely erratic and what his life will be like if he does not straighten up such as depicting his funeral. To his surprise his brother would be the only one to attend. 

As the Christmas Carol theme arises in “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” it makes the viewers think, is there any new original movies out there anymore?” Though it provides the audience with a few laughs and majestic moments, it is nothing original. However it does put into perspective of how a person should not act. 

“Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” is not exactly a must see film as there seems to be a director’s block, making it hard for them to come up with any original ideas. Bringing in mostly unknown actors and actresses did not help their case, but the audience has to see the flick to base their own opinions.