The WHS Drama Club Prepares Winter Musical with “Grease” Auditions


Laura Drinan

The Walpole High School Drama Club held auditions for the 2012 musical “Grease” on January 11 and 12. Veteran Drama Club members and newcomers alike flocked the auditorium, chatting about the upcoming audition and practicing their talents together. “Grease,” the 1950’s rock-and-roll musical (performed in 1971), is about the unresolved love and summer fling of Sandy Dumbrowski and Danny Zuko and their surroundings at Rydell High School. The couple struggles to keep their relationship and social status intact, as they handle the complicated situations involved in their high-school lives. “Grease” takes a rank of 13 for the longest Broadway run and several Broadway revival groups have performed it since the 1990’s. Students who auditioned at WHS performed a segment of “Summer Nights” for the musical piece and also read several parts from the script for the director, James D’Attilio and the music director, Mrs. Lynda Maccini-Pavloff. Both the veteran drama club members and newcomers joined to perform a wide variety of impressive vocal talents and acting skills. In particular, this year’s seniors have significantly improved their talents and fit the looks and personalities of the leads. Mr. D’Attilio said, “Since this musical has been around and popular for quite a while, audiences are familiar with the music and have come to expect a lot of fun and movement. This is what we are going to be driving for; I expect the cast to have fun. I also expect them to deliver the energetic music and movement that this show has become known for.”

The current cast list is as follows:

Miss Lynch               Jess McNamara
Patty                           Emma Batting
Eugene                       John Griffin
Jan                              Lauren LoRuso
Marty                          Katie Trudell
Rizzo                           Becky Chariton
Doody                         Luke Witherell
Roger                          Rory Hardiman
Keniecke                    Jackie Gately
Sonny                         Marc Sheehan
Frenchy                     Carolynn Saba
Sandy                         Erin Strickland
Danny                        Evan Parsons
Vince                          Jon Trudell
Johnny Casino        Alex Marcinkowski
Cha Cha                     Lorna D’Sa
Teen Angel                Mike McKeon
Radio Singer             Michelle Murray
Hero Voice                Thomas Buckley

Burger Palace Boys/Greasers:

John Montaquila, Mike Shea, Doug Stewart, Brandon Chin, Mike Griffin

Pink Ladies:

Leah D’Sa, Alina Robin, Genevieve Canavan, Erika Welter, Jenny Hunt, Bridget Lindh, Mikayla Westcott, Arianna Chariton, Mara Breen, Justine Brown, Gillan Peabody, Cassidy Randall, Sarah Wyllie, Kelsey Green, Samantha Huynh, Angela Driscoll, Rachel Spang, Alyssa Burke, Isabella Caraccisli, Ana Astarjian, Carolyn Damish, Catriana Garry, Mackenzie Lachkey, Jessica Ciccketti