Walpole Intramural High School Basketball League Power Rankings


Jake Moser


1. Mavericks(5-0)- Led by Cam and Craig Hanley, the Mavs are virtually unbeatable.  They have beaten all their opponents convincingly, most notably a 72-57 stomping of the Nuggets.  As long as both Hanleys can continue their dominance over the rest of the league, the Mavericks will be tough to beat.

2. Spurs(4-1)- The big three, Matt Lavanchy, Mike Kavolius, and Pete Bruen, lead this team  with ruthless effiency.  Solid play by Tyler Creighton, and bench players Jack Stedman, Charles Weinacht, and Jack Lavanchy really gives this team the depth that could take them all the way this year.  Their most impressive win so far was a 58-43 victory against the Celtics; however, running the clock down in the final minutes of the game and forcing the Celtics to foul with two minutes left in the absence of a shot clock, cost the Spurs the respect of many in the league.  Starting guard Bill Rockwood called their actons “classless” and even Spurs player Tyler Creighton found found his own team’s actions “atypical of recreational basketball.”

3. Celtics(4-1)- An early favorite, the Celtics were looking dominant this season until their game against the Spurs on Sunday.  In the 58-43 loss the Celtics lost Dan King, Carl Tempesta, and Bryan Rockwood to injuries.  The C’s were forced to lean on Bill Rockwood and Drew Stanton, “THE premier basketball duo” in the league, who were unable to salvage a victory.  Despite this setback, the Celtics remain near the top of the league.

4. Rockets(3-2)- Despite losing to the Lakers 66-46 last week. the Rockets are still a team to be reckoned with.  Led by the self-proclaimed “Batman and Robin” of rec basketball, Tom Demarais and Chris Hoyt dominate the court with. according to Demarais, their “uncomparable team chemistry.”

5. 76ers(4-1)- These guys are possibly one of the most consistent teams in the league, their only loss coming against the Celtics.  Matt Ryan and Brendan Donovan provide this team with an offensive threat from anywhere on the court.  However, all of their victories have been by small margins, and their defense might not hold up against some  of the more competitive teams in the league.  Their Sunday game against the Rockets will provide us with a better idea of the 76ers’s true potential.

6. Lakers(2-3)- The Lakers are one of the most promising teams in the league; however, they have not proven themselves yet.  The offensive weapons of this team— Mike Kavolius, Chris Nee, and star player Mike Rando— compose one of the most talented Big Threes in the league.  Despite the talent, the Lakers boast a mediocre 2-3 record.  They have beaten the Rockets and Sonics, but also lost to the Spurs, 76ers, and Celtics.  In order to be a respected opponent in this league, the Lakers have to play more consistently.

7. Magic(2-3)- The Magic have several good players, but Jake Mich is easily their largest threat.  Chris Conley provides the outside threat while Mich dominates the paint.  There are few who can effectively cover him in the league.  Despite this, the Magic have managed to only beat the Sonics and Nuggets, and lost to the Rockets, Spurs, and 76ers.  They need to improve on their team depth and defense to better compete this year.

8. Wizards(3-2)- Despite having a winning record, the Wizards have yet to prove themselves.  Their three wins came against the Nuggets, Nets, and Knicks—who each have a 1-4 record.  Their losses, to the 76ers and the Celtics, show that although this team has a winning record, they have not yet proven that they deserve to be considered a top team.

9. Knicks(1-4)- These guys should be labeled the underachievers of the league.  Their talent rivals some of the best in the league.  Their Big Three: Tim Sullivan, Mike LaVita, and Winston Ho provide the Knicks with the majority of their points, as well as their defense.  Strangely enough, their only win this season has come against the Sonics.

10. Nuggets(1-4)- Similar to the Knicks, the Nuggets are also underachieving.  Aidan Lancaster, Charlie Love, and Harrison Berkland all are talented players who can compete with most teams; however, the only win has come against the Nets.

11. Nets(1-4)- The Nets have some talented freshman, but their star player, Nolan Murray, is their main weapon.  Unfortuneately, Murray broke his wrist in the first game of the season and is likely out for at least another couple of weeks.

12. Sonics(0-5)- These guys do have some talent: Brad Weber Brendan Chaisson and Giorgio Sarkis all are highly competitive athletes at the high school, but they have yet to put together a victory on the basketball court.  Hopefully, with some luck, and the expert leadership from  team captain Bill Cullinane as well as coaches Carl Plaut and Nick Fontek will turn this team around.