Hard Hit to Rebel Softball


  The first playoff game against Franklin was a successful one for the Rebels Softball Team.  At Bird Middle School on May 28, the Rebels performed with  confidence  and pride.

  Walpole got off to a bad start in the top of the first inning by letting in two runs by the first two hitters. The bottom of the first started and ended quickly with an infield fly to shortstop and two strike outs.

  In the second inning, Franklin scored again, leaving Walpole behind by 3. With two outs already in the bottom of the second inning, junior Stephanie Frye hit a single, making it the first hit of the game for Walpole. Senior Lauren O’Shea also hit a single, advancing Frye to second, and a walk by Freshman Katie Cavaca advanced her to third. With the bases loaded, the Rebels ended the inning with a dissapointing out at first.

  Down by three, the Rebels were determined to hold Franklin. They started off the third inning with two outs at first. Two singles hit by Franklin didn’t stop the Rebels from holding Franklin. The top of the third ended with a fly ball to center caught by senior Alissa Brown. After screaming ‘hits and runs!’ the Rebels were ready to score. The inning started with an ill-fated strike out, but junior Kellie Duffy fought back with a double. Brown then hit a single, advancing Duffy to third. With runners on first and third, Frye hit a double, bringing both girls home. Junior Sam Cametti was up at bat, and she hit a single advancing Frye to third, creating another first and third situation. O’Shea then came up to the plate, bunting to the pitcher and causing an out at first. However, it brought Frye home to tie up the game. The inning ended with an out at first.

  Starting off the fourth inning, the Rebels were back in the game. They went into the top of the fourth determined to hold Franklin, and that is what they did.  however, Franklin did the same for them.

  The fifth inning was another good inning for the Rebels on defense. They started off the inning with two outs at first. Franklin put up a fight and ended up with bases loaded due to two singles and a walk, but the Rebels weren’t ready to let Franklin take the lead again. A fly to Brown ended the inning. Franklin responded by holding the Rebels at the bottom of the fifth with a one, two, three inning.

  The game was coming to an end and both teams were becoming anxious. The top of the sixth was short but successful for Franklin. A walk, a steal, and two singles brought a run in, leaving the Rebels behind by one. Frye began the inning with a walk to first. Cametti then struck out, but while she was up at bat Frye stole second. O’Shea then hit a single which brought Frye to third. A triple hit by Cavaca brought in both girls, making the score 5-4. An out at first and a fly to center ended the sixth inning. A one, two, three inning against Franklin ended the game, giving Walpole a 5-4 victory.

  The Rebels were excited about their win, but they knew a tough game was ahead of them. Just how difficult the competition would be may have come as a surprise, however, as King Philip came  out extremely strong.  King Philip’s pitcher pitched a no hitter, and the good fortune was on King Philip’s side when they hit two home runs and a grand slam. After several more high scoring innings, King Philip ran the score up to an impressive 11-0.  Although the result of the final game was disappointing for the Rebels, it was not a true reflection of the success they had throughout their season.