Walpole High School Intramural Basketball League Power Rankings 1/30-2/5



Jake Moser


1. Spurs(6-1)- These guys weathered the storm that was last week.  We saw the fall of both the Mavericks and Celtics, but the Spurs have held strong.  Matt Lavanchy and Pete Bruen provide one of the strongest backcourt’s in the league, especially when you combine them with their frontcourt, which includes Mike Kavolius and Tyler Creighton.  Strong benchplay from Jack Stedman and Charles Weinacht give this team the depth it needs to go all the way this year.  The Spurs are definitely the team to beat at this point.


2. Lakers(4-3)- The Lakers are possibly the hottest team in the league as of now.  Led by Mike Rando and Mike Baryski, plus the late addition of Andrew Vandini, the Lakers dominate the court with some of the most dynamic playmakers in Walpole.  They started out slow, but it seems that Vandini was the spark that the Lakers needed to be successful.  Also, Chris Nee provides a solid mid range jumper for the Lakers.  They now have all the pieces, hopefully they can succeed for the rest of the year.


3. Mavericks(5-1-1)- Last week’s number one seed, they fell in the standings due to a rough weekend, resulting in a loss and a tie.  Despite last week’s stumble, don’t count the Mavericks out.  Led by Cam and Craig Hanley, these brothers make up one of the best one-two punches in the league.  Also, James Smith is really coming into his own this year, toting one of the best jump-shots in the league.


4. 76ers(6-1)- Headed by Matt Ryan and Brendan Donovan, the 76ers have put together a solid season so far.  Matt Ryan, one of the tallest players in the league, can do it all—shoot outside and inside, drive the lane, pass, block shots, and rebound.  Donovan provides a solid ball handling player, and Ryan Beatty compliments both players with his physical play.


5. Rockets(4-3)- Tom Demarais and Chris Hoyt, the “Batman and Robin of the league” as Demarais puts it, round out the top five with a solid team.  Although their record does not show it, these guys are formidable opponents.  Demarais and Hoyt are some of the most talented guys in the league; both are able to shoot from most places on the court, and also can play effective defense.  Their only losses have come against the 76ers, Lakers, and Mavericks—all teams that are higher ranked than them—but they have also beaten the Celtics and Magic, both formidable opponents.


6. Celtics(4-2-1)- The once top team, has been dropping like a rock the last few games, losing the last two and tying one.  The root cause of this is a key injury to arguably one of the best players in the league: Dan King.  King hurt his ankle in a loss to the Spurs and has not played since.  Left to pick up the slack are Bill Rockwood and Drew Stanton, who are both talented players in their own right.  Look for them to get a win this weekend against Brendan Croak’s Nets, and turn their season around.


7. Wizards(4-3)- The Wizards are a decent team, but not much more.  The winning record is slightly deceiving, their four wins coming against the Knicks, Magic, Nuggets, and Nets—all teams in the bottom half of the league.  Their losses have come against the Spurs, 76ers, and Celtics—all higher ranked teams than them.  The Wizards, led by Kyle Donnelly, would most likely agree that a win is a win, but they need to beat a more competitive team before they can be considered a top team.


8. Magic(2-4-1)-  Jake Mich is the one to watch on this team; however, Mich just does not have the surrounding pieces to compete with the top dogs in the league.  In order to compete with better teams, the rest of the team needs to pull together and aid their teammate.  Overall, the team defense is weak, and the outside shooting is mediocre at best.  Despite this, the Magic have the potential to do some damage.


9. Knicks(3-4)- Possibly the underachievers of the year at this point.  The Knicks have some serious talent: Tim Sullivan, Winston Ho, Mike LaVita, Bob Ivatts, and Brendan Sullivan.  Despite all these good players, they are not winning the games they should.  With some luck, the Knicks will be able to turn it around come playoff time.


10. Nuggets(1-5-1)-  Led by Aidan Lancaster and Charlie Love, the Nuggets have had some trouble this year.  Even though the Nuggets have two great players, the poor defense and lack of an outside game has hurt them big time.  After tying last week, the Nuggets seem to be turning things around.


11. Nets(1-6)- Without their best player, Nolan Murray (injured wrist), Coach Brendan Croak’s team has struggled as of late.  After opening their season with a win against the Sonics, the Nets have yet to win another game.  David Driscoll and Colin Murray have tried to carry the team, but to no avail.  Without Murray, the Nets’ future looks bleak.


12. Sonics(0-7)- Coach Carl Plaut’s Sonics have sadly yet to win their first game of the season. Key players Brad Weber and Girogio Sarkis seem to be hitting their stride recently, though.  Look for the Sonics to make it interesting in their next few games.