Walpole High School Intramural Basketball League Power Rankings 2/6-2/12



Jake Moser


1. 76ers (8-1)- As of now, the 76ers tote an impressive 8-1 record (the best in the league), which earns them the one  seed.  Due in large part to Matt Ryan, one of the tallest players in the league who can both score and rebound with the best, the 76ers provide a noteworthy challenge for every team.  Because so much attention is placed on Ryan, guard Brendan Donovan often sees a lot of open shots.  Donovan is strong both on and off the ball and he also can hit the three ball.  In contrast, the 76ers have had a pretty easy schedule so far this year.  Their most noteworthy wins have come against the Lakers (before the arrival of Vandini), and the Rockets.  But they have also lost to the Celtics, and narrowly defeated an inconsistent Wizards team by one point.  Their game next Saturday against the Spurs will provide a better indication as to whether or not the 76ers are legit.


2. Lakers (6-3)- The Lakers got off to a rough start this season, losing their first three games to the Spurs, 76ers, and Celtics.  However, the late addition of Andrew Vandini gave the Lakers the spark they were looking for. Vandini along with guard  Mike Rando provide arguably the best one-two punch in the league.  Chris Nee and Mike Baryski compliment the others well as strong wing players that can shoot and dribble well. Three of their following four games come against the Spurs, 76ers, and Celtics, so we’ll see what this team is really made of.


3. Mavericks (7-1-1)- After last weeks midseason stumble, the Mavericks have turned it around, winning both games over the weekend against the Celtics and Knicks.  Due in large part to the Hanley brothers (Craig and Cam), who create a matchup nightmare for any opponent,  the Mavericks are one of the best teams in the league.  The Hanleys play big, dominating the entire court with their insane physicality and shooting abilities.  Jimmy Smith provides a solid compliment to the Hanleys with his knockdown shooting ability.


4. Spurs (7-2)-The Spurs are one of those teams that relies on their marquee players – Matt Lavanchy and Peter Bruen.  Without their consistent scoring, the team would be nowhere.  And of course, the role players around them are make this team a championship contender.  With knockdown shooting from Charles Weinacht and Jack Stedman, and Mike Kavolis there to rip down the boards on the rare occasion one of them actually misses, this team has the potential to beat anyone.


5. Rockets (6-3)- These guys are a model of consistency for the rest of the league.  The Rockets have a solid record which is due in most part to their lack of glaring weaknesses.  This team is full of talented players, most notably Tom Demarais and Chris Hoyt, or more commonly known as the Batman and Robin of the WYBA.  Demarais can score in the paint and is always willing to do the dirty work on the boards.  Hoyt is a knockdown shooter and aptly dribbles through most opponents.  Key players that really gives the Rockets the depth to succeed include Robbie Alessandro, Matt Cotter and Michael Greulich. With so much talent, the Rockets will be a tough team to beat in the coming weeks.


6. Celtics (5-3-1)- Since the injury to star player Dan King, the C’s have not been the same.  King was injured in a loss against the Spurs on January 21st, and since then the Celtics have only managed one win—and that was against the lowly Nets in overtime.  In King’s absensce, Bill Rockwood and Drew Stanton have attempted to fill void, but with little success.  With any luck for the Celtics, King will be back come playoff time; however, the rest of the league hopes King will not be able to return.


7. Magic (3-5-1)- The Magic have mediocre basically the entire season, they have yet to win two games in a row so far.  Their star player, Jake Mich, carries the entire team.  Mich is a talented rebounder as well as a capable scorer.  Other than Mich, there is not too much to worry about.


8. Knicks (3-6)- These guys are definitely the underachievers of the year.  With talented players like Tim Sullivan, Winston Ho, Mike LaVita, and Bobby Ivatts, this team should be much higher up in the standings.  Their only wins have come against the bottom of the league: the Sonics,  Nuggets, and the Nets.  Most of their losses have been by less than ten points; however, the Knicks just cannot find a way to win.  With any luck, these guys can turn it around by the end of the season.


9. Wizards (4-5)- The Wizards gave the Sonics their first win of the season.  That alone should tell you what to expect from this team.  The Wizards in recent weeks have displayed a lack of commitment, usually only have five or six players in attendance.  The Wizards lean heavily on Kyle Donnelly and Colton Mitchell who, even together, cannot do it all.  If the Wizards can get more commitment from the rest of their team, things might change, but until then the Wizards are in the bottom of the league.


10. Nuggets (1-7-1)- The Nuggets at times have shown signs of greatness.  Aidan Lancaster is a talented player in all facets of the game. Lancaster, joined with Harrison Berkland and Charlie Love, has the potential to win some games.  However, so far this season, their potential has yet to have translate into a victory.  As long as the Nuggets can find a way to get these three guys involved, the Nuggets can be a competetive team.


11. Sonics (1-8)-  The Sonics season is rapidly turning around.  With a win over the Wizards last Saturday, it seems these guys are finally playing good basketball.  Despite losing a close game to the Rockets on Sunday, the Sonics are really becoming a solid team.  Knockdown shooting from Brendan Chaisson and clutch shots from Giorgio Sarkis, these guys are scoring a lot of points.  And what would these guys be without Brad Weber, the leading scorer on the team.  Also, do not forget Bill Cullinane, the heart and soul of the Sonics.  The future certainly looks bright for the Sonics.


12. Nets (1-8)- These guys need some work.  The Nets, in a similar situation to the Celtics, lost key player Nolan Murray in the first game of the season.  Now without the leadership and playing ability Murray brings to the table, the Nets have not been able to compete whatsoever.  Justin Hibbard, a dynamic scorer and tenacious defender, has recently tried to, but to no avail, rally the troops and right the ship in an attempt to salvage their season.  Unfortunately, the Nets season does not look like it will get better, as their final games are against some of the best teams in the league, like the Spurs, Mavericks, and Rockets.  Hopefully, head coach Brendan Croak can turn the tides in his favor and find a way to will his players to victory.