Dance Company Prepares for Seventh Annual Show


Senior members in Dance Company.

Stephanie Sem

Dance Company
Senior members in Dance Company.

The Walpole High School Dance Company performances have been a success for the previous six years, leaving this year’s show with extremely high standards.  The Company’s talented girls will showcase their talents on the WHS stage on Thursday, March 29 and Friday, March 30 at 7:30.  This year, more than half of the Company is freshmen; although these girls are young, they provide talent to help the Company, and as a whole, do well.  This year’s performance is entitled “Icon”  and pushes the boundaries of how viewers understand modern and contemporary dances.

The show is comprised of ten dances that each interpret an icon and is inspired by different women throughout history who have made an impact.  Dance Company director Mr. Richard Kim said, “I thought it would be a good idea to do a show that would empower the girls and create a sense of history for them. Some of the dancers didn’t even know who some of these women were before they were introduced to them in DC so it has been educational as well.”

In order to keep both the members and the audience on their feet, the company’s performance has a new, unique quality. Each song has its own distinct meaning and message that the audience is left to interpret through every dance move.  Mr Kim said, “It is exciting for me to watch the girls, and to see the audience’s reaction. Sometimes they respond well, sometimes they don’t respond at all – usually because I feel like we confuse them or because we do something they don’t expect. Either way, it’s an exciting two nights.”

Out of the ten dances, there are two that the whole company dances in, and each performer can be in up to six additional non-company dances, which are dances with select groups of the company.  These dances are created during their  four to seven hour practice weeks, along with a few all-day Saturday practices.  Each performer is expected to rehearse when they are not at practice as well so that they can all perfect their technique and choreography to ensure the performance will go as smoothly as possible.

Every dance is made up of original choreography by Mr.Kim and the student choreographers — seniors Casey Ricci, Mary Caddick, and Devyn Blume; junior Caitlin Conlon; and sophomore Mary McAvoy.  Ricci said, “I love dancing my own choreography because I can feel completely confident since I know it front to back.”  Having different people choreograph the dances shows all of the different performers’ interpretations of the songs, giving every move a unique twist.

Different props are used to keep the performance interesting.  Although many props are kept a secret until the show, some of them include the following: a horizontal ladder, an old woman in a wedding dress, a pirate ship, helium balloons, a gigantic rock, and a pie eating contest.  Captain Hannah Doelling said, “This year I am so excited for the show! Every single girl works extremely hard every rehearsal and they are all so talented. I know this year will be one of the most memorable performances of Dance Company.”  This year’s company is hoping to give the audience a strong, meaningful performance that they will remember for years to come.