Interview with Mr. William Tompkins – the New Athletic Director

Christina Freiberger

New Athletic Director William Tompkins poses for a picture in his office.

1. Why did you decide to apply as the athletic director at Walpole High School?

Because I really like working for the kids, parents, and most especially Walpole sport programs.

2. What do you enjoy most about your new job?

Meeting new people and dealing with new people I haven’t worked with before.

3. How would you describe a typical day as an athletic director?

Very hectic – You come to school with a list of things to do and by the first hour of the day you’ve added five more things to that list.

4. If you were about to be stuck on an island with no electricity, what three things would you bring?

A toothbrush, a baseball glove with ball, and a bed to sleep in.

5. What is the most interesting thing you have ever done?

I guess go cross country about twelve years ago with my family.

6. What were you like in high school?

You would have to classify my as a jock, who also studied really hard.

7. What was your best subject?


8. What was your worst subject?

Definitely English.

9. What is your favorite song?

I don’t listen to music.

10. What is your favorite store?

Any sporting goods store.

11. What is your favorite show?


12. What is your favorite movie?

Dirty Dozen.

13. What is your favorite sport?


14. What is your favorite website?

AD’s website.

15. What is your favorite band?

I don’t listen to music.

16. What is your lucky number?


17. What is your favorite radio station?


18. What grocery store do you shop at?

Stop and Shop.

19. Who was your favorite student ¬†from last year’s period 2 gym class?

Christina Freiberger.

20. What would your ideal vacation be?

Going some place in Maine and being on the coast.

21. If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?


22. Does your horoscope accurately describe you: Aries (March 21-April 19) You don’t have to invent anything. Just follow the directions. If you’re unsure about whether or not the directions are right, assume they are and follow them. Be methodical, and you will get the result you desire.

That sums me up pretty good.

23. Coke or Pepsi?


24. Taylor Swift or Kayne West?

No idea what they are, or who they are. Are they people?

25. Ketchup or Mustard?


26. Mac or PC?

Flip a coin. (Keith (his son) said: whichever one he can turn on.)

27. Buff Chick or Buck Chick?

I don’t like buffalo chicken – it’s too hot. Don’t get me in trouble for that!

28. Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream?


29. Dunkies or Starbucks?

I don’t drink coffee.

30. What is it like to have your son as a teacher in the school as well?

Very proud to have him here.