Walpole Intramural High School Boys Basketball League All-Rec Teams



Jake Moser


As we near playoff time, many players have stood out amongst the crowd.  Teams have risen and fallen, and yet there are players who have weathered the storm that is the Rec League season and come out on top.  Although there are many players worthy of recognition, these guys are truly the best of the best, and they have earned it.


-1st Team-

PG- Matt Lavanchy

SG- Jimmy Smith

SF- Andrew Vandini

PF- Brad Webber

C- Jake Mich


-2nd Team-

PG- Mike Rando

SG- Chris Hoyt

SF-Craig Hanley

PF- Cam Hanley

C- Matt Ryan



PG- Kyle Donnelly

SG- Nolan Murray

SF-Mike Baryski

PF- Dan King

C- Chris Gallivan