UMass runs away with WYBA game of the Week


Michael Greulich

A Umass player blocks the path to the hoop.


Whenever two teams with similar records face each other—in any sport—there is sure to be a fast paced, action filled game, as all players leave every bit of hard work and determination out on the court, field, or pitch.  Temple started out to a great start to the season, but has become shaky in recent weeks.  As they were looking to reaffirm their spot as a dominant team, Umass was hoping to keep their winning streak alive.  After getting off to a tough 1-2 start of the season, they were finally playing as a team and had won their past four games.  Both teams went into Sunday’s game with the same records and it was clear as both teams lined up for the tip that they meant business.


As the game started, both teams exhibited just how important a win was to them, shutting each other down time after time with stellar defense.  The moment the ball crossed the half-court line, both team’s defense was all over the opposition, neither team able get a decent shot off.  Temple was clinging onto a two-point lead as the whistle blew to end the first 5-minute shift, but Umass was only able to develop a two-point lead of their own after the second shift, making it 6 – 2.  It was clear that neither team was willing to give up any easy points and both teams realized that if they wanted to win, they would have to devise a new strategy. As the second quarter started, it became evident that Umass meant business.  Their offense went on a tear, scoring every time down the floor.  Whether it was on a layup, a long range jumper, or somewhere in between, Umass was knocking down every shot they took.  As the first half came to an end, the score was 22-6 with Umass holding a remarkable lead.  Temple quickly realized that they had to act fast if they wanted to get back in the game and have an opportunity to win the game.


The second half started the same way as the first, with amazing play on both sides of the ball. Temple   started as though their game was turning around by scoring eight early points; however, Umass took off again—scoring 26 points in the final three shifts. Despite the best efforts of the Temple players and coaches, Umass proved too powerful of an opponent. When final buzzer sounded Umass had won by a score of 48 to 19.  Despite both teams being filled with talent, Umass proved that they were one of the best teams in the league and deserved to come out on top.