Walpole Loses a Close One to Dedham



The Walpole Rebels have shown some significant improvement since the beginning of their season.  After many changes to the starting lineup, Coach St. Martin seems to have found a system that works – surrounding Captains Tom Donnellan and Johnny Adams with young and developing players.  They have begun hitting many more of their shots, something they have been waiting for all season.  Their starting “big” men for this game, sophomores Maurice Young and Nick Corrtopatri, were both scoring and drawing fouls with ease whenever they got the ball in the paint, and showed some serious potential in this game.

This Thursday night will be Senior Night as the Rebels will take on rivals Norwood, the four seniors Brian Lotsbom, Tim Merrigan, Tim Conley, and Donnellan will celebrate their basketball careers in the town of Walpole.  Although this season did not exactly go the way they had hoped or expected, it does not take away from what they have accomplished as players of the sport.  Because only four seniors decided to continue playing for the school, they had a serious lack of the neccesary size or leadership that are crucial to any high school team.

The fact that this team managed to make it through such a season with minimal chemistry issues or disputes is impressive in its own.  Their woes this season stem from their largest overlying issue; when compared to teams like last year’s, this great flaw becomes evident: lack of depth.  The seniors playing this year have talent, there just isn’t enough of them to keep them consistently winning.