Student Council Brings Back American Red Cross Blood Drive


Dana Morrone

In honor of Red Cross Month, the Walpole High School Student Council has set up a Blood Drive for Thursday, March 1. The drive will run from 8 am-1 pm in the upper gym. Sixty students and staff members at the high school are currently signed up for the drive and plan to donate blood on Thursday.
Ms. Kerry Mcmenimen, Student Council Advisor, is the main organizer for the drive. As a donator since her years in high school, she highly encourages students to give blood this year. She said, “It is something easy that you can do that makes a big impact.” She wants her Student Council members to get as many people as possible to give blood so that she can teach the school the importance of giving blood. “The blood drive allows us to get the school involved in a community service project…and hopefully they can become life-long donators,” she said.
Students who wish to participate in the drive can sign-up with the nurse or in the cafeteria during lunch prior to the day of the drive. There are certain requirements for students as well. A student must be at least seventeen years old, but if a student is sixteen and wants to donate, a signed parental permission form is required. Also, all students must meet the weight requirements due to health concerns. If one is a male, he must be at least 110 pounds. If one is a female and she is 5’6 or taller, she also must be at least 110 pounds.
After participating in last year’s blood drive for the first time, junior Kelsey Flanagan was happy to hear that it was back again this year. She said, “I liked helping people in a big way that took so little effort. I’m glad that our school is promoting this type of service year after year.” She, along with many other people from the high school, are confident and pleased to see our school doing such a positive thing.

American Red Cross Association fliers are spread all throughout the walls and windows of the school in order to encourage students and staff to give blood and make a difference. The fliers inform near future donors to “get a good night’s sleep, have a healthy meal and try to avoid fatty foods.” To encourage students to participate the Association has also promised that any person who donates will recieve a coupon for a free lunch at Cumberland Farms, in addition to a drink and snack immediately after his or her donation.

One can sign-up in the cafeteria in the nurse’s office or one can talk to a Student Council representative to get more information about the drive. All eligible students should join in with the rest of the school and make a difference in his or her community by participating in the 2012 Blood Drive.