Students and Staff Participate in Red Cross Blood Drive


A Walpole High Student donates blood to Red Cross

Dana Morrone

A Walpole High Student donates blood to Red Cross
The students and staff at Walpole High School expressed their generosity and selflessness by participating in the annual American Red Cross Blood Drive. Sixty students and staff members signed up to give blood, but due to low iron levels and weight restrictions, many people were unfortunately turned town by the Red Cross.
Before they donated, takers had to test the blood type and iron levels of the donor. If the donor had a low iron level in their blood, or certain restrictions were otherwise apparent, the donor was not able to give blood. It was not uncommon to see several people being declined after being tested pre-donation. Many students were instructed to eat more iron filled foods, so students were able to come back at a later time in the day if they wanted to. Also, many students who were denied last year for blood donations were back this year to give.
One of the students turned down for blood donation last year was senior Rebecca Goula. She is an active member of the Walpole High School student council, so she was one of many to raise fliers for the drive and spread word about it. Goula was prepared and excited to give blood this year. “This was my first time,” she said. “I was turned away last year so I wanted to try again. My mom gives blood every other month so I felt like I should try it too.” Most of the donors at the drive were giving blood for their first time. Junior Maria Langenhorst decided to give blood in an effort to “save somebody’s life,” she said. Because her mother gives blood often, Langenhorst was optimistic and excited to finally be able to contribute to the Red Cross because she was too young last year. Senior Nicole Pellegrine was another student giving for the first time. “I have always wanted to [give blood], but last year I wasn’t able to because I had been out of the country for more than a week within the past year,” she said. Pellegrine took advantage of the drive this year and was finally allowed to donate.
The Blood Drive was once again successful at Walpole High School. Even though it was common for students to be restricted and it was not easy for everyone donating, students and staff came together and took a great stand for an effort to save a life.