Walking Tree Travel Company visits Global Studies members


Courtney Gorman

A new program, Global Studies, is being offered to the classes of 2014 and 2015 which gives students the opportunity to learn about globalization and countries around the world. This program is worked on by the students throughout their years in high school and if it is completed they will receive a Global Studies Certificate along with their High School Diploma when they graduate.

At their meeting on Wednesday, March 14, the Global Studies participants had the opportunity to listen to a guest speaker from the Walking Tree Travel Company. Despite the misleading name, a walking tree is, in fact, a tree. It is a type of palm tree with its roots above ground that moves depending where the most light is. This tree reflects the company’s philosophy—to keep its roots but also to travel.

The spokeswoman talked to the students about travel opportunities in the summer. The Walking Tree Travel Company organizes summer trips to Costa Rica, Senegal, China, Peru, and Guatemala not only for students to experience traveling to a foreign country and to get better at the language, but also to give back to the community. Wherever students go on a trip, the Walking Tree Travel Company sets up a community service project to benefit the community the students stay in. Typically, the group will travel around the county for a few days and then settle in with a host family for about a week, where they complete the community service project.

During the meeting, the global studies participants watched several videos on the different countries they could travel to, and got a pamphlet with details on all of the trips. Going on one of the trips is not required by the global studies program; but, after seeing the videos, many students became excited about the possible travel opportunities they could explore with the Walking Tree Travel Company. The company also offers financial aid for students who may not be able to meet the money requirements, so everybody has the opportunity to go on the trip if they wish. The Walking Tree Travel Company opens many doors for studens to take trips to exotic and exciting places around the world.