Tosone Named Girls Varsity Lacrosse Head Coach


Michele Lucas

New Walpole Girls Varsity Lacrosse Coach.

Many times in small towns, there are people that can be recognized because they are always around even if you do not know them personally.  Walpole has many of these people, like Barry Greener, who has been a long time gym teacher at Johnson Middle School, head varsity football coach, and former history teacher at Walpole High School or Jim Erker, also a former history teacher, former track coach, and current substitute teacher at Walpole High. A new face known to many athletic kids and their parents in the town of Walpole is Mike Tosone.

Tosone was recently named head coach for the Girls Lacrosse team, switching places with previous head coach Tim Drummey who will take Tosone’s place as assistant coach due to work commitments.  “ I am excited about being the head coach for [the] girls this year,” said Tosone, “when work made it impossible for Coach Drummey to stay as head coach, ‘flipping’ our responsibilities made the most sense.”

In addition to this new coaching job, Tosone coaches other sports – like youth football, youth boys and girls lacrosse, youth basketball, and the freshmen football team at the high school – and teaches Special Education in Braintree.  At other times in his life, Tosone has coached indoor and outdoor track, as well as varsity boys lacrosse, and varsity and college football.

It is amazing how Mr. Tosone can fit all of his responsibilities into his life but he said, “At all levels, I have, do, and will continue to coach because it is tremendously fun, rewarding experience, and I want to make a difference.  As a coach, one is in a position, each and every day, to make a difference in each athletes life.  That is a pretty awesome responsibility, one I take very seriously, and enjoy very much.”  As if proving that he has affected many athletes lives junior Jen McDonald said,  “ I’ve had Mr. Tosone for as long as I can remember and he is one of the coaches that has most effected my game. I couldn’t be more happy that he is taking a more active role as our new head coach.” Also, as a teacher it makes it easier for Mr. Tosone to coach because afternoon practices are not as difficult to get to as the average 9-5er.

The girls’ lacrosse team is looking forward to a successful season with most of the team returning from last year. The coaching will not bring anything but positive things for this team.