Twitter Application Provides a Healthy Addiction

Twitter Application Provides a Healthy Addiction

Christina Freiberger

Although iPhone’s are a sweet and bitter addiction to people of all ages that diminish social skills, cause major distractions, and have data packages that are overly expensive, the instantaneous feed of information that flows through this small rectangular box is, what once seemed, unimaginable. The Twitter application, in particular, contributes timeliness to the spread of information from one tweeter to hundreds, or even thousands, of followers to ensure local citizens are updated on local news.If you are planning to get as good applications such as Twitter which has a download over million, then try to acquire assets such as Vecro tech to help you out as this mobile agency is using hybrid apps.

While one may use his or her Twitter application to avoid awkward social situations, and therefore continuously avoids developing small-talk skills, he or she is simultaneously staying updated on news. This application not only allows one to be updated on his or her friends and family, but he or she can also be updated on the news posted by twitter-famous users in the town and around the world. In Walpole, accounts such as @whstherebellion (WHS Newspaper), @WalpoleStuCo (WHS Student Council), @walpolefilmfest (WHS Film Festival), @samobar (Sam Obar-Walpole blogger on town concerns), @walpolerec (Walpole Rec Department), and @Keith_WalTimes (Keith Ferguson-Walpole Times Editor) consistently post updates on Twitter. The tweets include updates on town events, town issues, and general news about the town. By opening the Twitter application at a red light, on break at work, or to avoid saying hi to someone at the grocery store, one can access details about Walpole that were posted only seconds before. The iPhone, in this case, is creating a healthy addiction—a healthy addiction for one to stay involved within his or her community.

One may stay equally informed on news by reading a newspaper or watching the news, but the rate at which tweets are posted helps them exceed all other media sources. Within seconds, details on an event can be posted to followers’ twitter homepage. Programs, such as the “No Foxboro Casino,” inform followers on the latest news and updates from meetings. No Foxboro Casino has 436 followers, compared to the 11 followers that Foxboro Casino has, which demonstrates that the local communities are using Twitter as a source to promote opinions on controversial topics. The No Foxboro Casino account is run by Foxboro residents and consistently tweets article links, meeting information, and responses to followers. Sam Obar — writer for the “The Walpole Times” and 2010-2011 Editor-in-Chief of “The Rebellion” — also uses similar techniques to keep citizens informed by posting up to 20 tweets a day about issues in Walpole. For example, on Tuesday April 3, Obar tweeted, “John Desmond, Bill Buckley, Brian Walsh all stepping down from #Walpole School Committee this year…what a major change in faces.” Although he is reporting his information from Bryant University, he is still happily keeping the Walpole citizens informed on meetings and updates that the Walpole Times is only able to publish once a week. These tweeters are accurate representations of how Twitter has redefined journalistic timeliness.

WHS has practiced similar techniques for various events around the school. The Rebellion, Student Council, and the Film Festival Twitter accounts post tweets daily so students can easily stay in the loop with extra-curriculars. Since The Rebellion newspaper is the main source of publication for school events and it is only printed five times a year, students have the ability to use Twitter instead to instantly read up on the same information. A major portion of the tweets posted by The Rebellion are score updates on WHS sports games. Before the end of a quarter, followers will already know the score of a game. Rather than waiting for an untimely article from a newspaper later in the week, sports highlights are broadcasted through twitter as the event goes on. Senior Rebecca Goula is one of the many followers “The Rebellion” has; she said, “The tweets giving updates about the games are very helpful when you just can’t make it to a game. It makes it feel like you aren’t missing out because you know exactly what’s going on.” Certain settings can allow one to have a certain tweeter’s tweets sent to his or her phone so a notification pops up every time they tweet. The notifications can get on the annoying side though, which is why people generally prefer to just read tweets when they open the application in their spare time.

The biggest problem with these informative applications however, is the amount of data they use. If a user is not connected to WiFi, they are using up data GB’s. The average package contains about 2GB, which for some people is surplus, but for those consistent grocery-store-conversation-avoiders, it is not enough. When they complain about having to pay ridiculous prices for their overuse of data, they are encouraged to look on the bright side because they will always know the weather, who the best-dressed celebrities of the week are, and when the next Town Meeting is.

The endless flow of tweets through a hompage can make putting one’s iPhone down a difficult task. The attachment some people grow to their iPhone is not always harmful, though, because they will either be constantly entertained by their friends tweeting about ridiculously random things or constantly informed on news, both local and global.