Boys Tennis Hands Braintree Their 23rd Consecutive Loss


The Boys Tennis Captains hope to have their ninth consecutive winning season. (Photo/Derek Caneja)

Aidan Lancaster

The Boys Tennis Captains hope to have their ninth consecutive winning season. (Photo/Derek Caneja)


The Boys Tennis Team had an impressive win over the lowly Braintree Wamps on April 5 beating them 5-0.  Even though Braintree went 0-22 last year they have promising talent this year and for the Rebels to be able to manhandle them is a good sign for the team.  The Rebels are led this season by seniors Brian Lotsbom, Pat McKernan, and Phil Chen, as well as juniors Alex Fraser, Zach Rogers, and Nate Cameron.  Each one of these players stepped up and did their job against Braintree.   There was no lack of effort as each player won their respected matches. “It is easy to take these games lightly, but I was glad we gave it everything we had and because of that we came out on top,” said Rogers.

Chen, Fraser, and sophomore Drew Morrier really did exceptionally well for their first match of the 2012 season.  It was not surprising that these three fill out the top three slots on the team. Frasier, in regards to Morrier, said, “He did a really good job and I was impressed.”  Chen has been playing at a high level his whole career; thus, his talent earned him the captainship.  Frasier has been a standout underclassman for three years now and seems to be dominating still this year.  The surprise of the group is Morrier who if he continues to play at this high level is looking at a very successful high school tennis career.  At the beginning of the year, the team appeared young because they graduated five out of the top seven players last year, but the Rebels are proving that they have enough depth in order to be susccessful.

With an impressive first match win over Braintree the Rebels look to beat Braintree again in a rematch.  The Rebels strength is their abundant amout of talented players.  Even though the Rebels are in a competitive league filled with talented teams such as Norwood, Natick, and Brookline they have a chance to win the league.  The key is if the Rebels play as they did in their first match they will not only beat Braintree but will have their ninth consecutive winning season.