Bowes is nice fit for pressure of QB position

Chris Tetreault

Chris Tetreault

Class of 2010


In the wide world of sports, there are many roles upon which a large burden is placed. Each sport has responsibilities which must be taken on by a player skilled and able enough to succeed, or else the team as a whole is in jeopardy. One of these positions is the quarterback in the challenging sport of football. Spearheading the whole offensive thrust, the quarterback must have mental acuteness as well as a precise arm and strong physical stature–a profile not easily fulfilled.

Yet unfortunately for the 09’ rebels, the quarterback position was left vacant with the departure of 2-year starter Sonny Mastromatteo. But fortunately for the resilient Rebels, a familiar face has stepped in to shoulder the burden at quarterback–senior Peter Bowes.

A returning starter and all-star lacrosse player, Bowes has what it takes to fill the pressure-filled position of quarterback. As a junior Bowes played some wide reciever as well as taking snaps at defensive back and linebacker. Already known as a versatile player, the switch just added one more position to his resume. Although Walpoles dominant option is the run game obviously led by senior all-star Ryan Izzo, Bowes has managed to put up two touchdown passes while also maintaing good ball control and giving up zero turnovers.

Despite obvious athletic talent and ability Bowes still had to learn a whole new angle to an offense with which he finally thought he could be comfortable. Bowes explained, “Learning a new position is always tough, and at quarterback the mental stress is that much greater, but my role in the offense last year has definitely helped me pick things up”. 

Even with this setback, he is finding a way to make things work. “Izzo and Bowes played fantastic (against Newton North) saturday night. They were the major playmakers” commented head coach Barry Greener. At one point during the game, Bowes proved he still could pop someone, making a highlight block on the defensive end on an outside run. “At quarterback I have a bit of a less physical role, so when I can I like to help out the blockers” mentioned Bowes.

At 3-0 the Rebels are working hard to get where they were last year. With old assets as well as new assets, the players are coming together to shape a successful team. With the added leadership of Bowes, it will take that much more for opposing teams to conquer the Rebels.