Students and Teachers ‘Wow’ Audience at the Student Faculty Theater


Mr. Strick and Steven Salenick during the band performance.

Dana Morrone

Mr. Betschart and Steven Salenick during the band performance.



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The night began at the new student faculty theater show with the inspiring and hopeful words said by Mr. Connor, “We might be small, but we are mighty.” Students and teachers took the stage on Thursday April 12, in union, in order to wow the audience. After a short welcome and thanking to those at the show, Mr. Connor apologized to the audience for his poor lack of advertisement for the event. Still, though the event was small, he managed to keep all eyes attentive throughout with his witty humor and airy jokes.

Early in the show, sophomore Michael McKeon, junior Becky Chariton, and senior Kayla Sweeney sang together in an acoustic version of the infamous “Call Me Maybe,” as junior Ali Ajemian strummed the beat on her ukulele. The gorup has been practicing their performance for this years spring coffee house, which made preparation for the student theater show minimal. The students jokingly invited Mr. Connor to join along in their act, as they said that they see him singing the song when he is alone in his office. After being called out, Mr. Connor became a part of the song, and he sang the main catch phrase of each chorus.

Later, the crowd was pleased to see Mrs. Milne, a favorite last year, on stage again, with a different rendition of last’s years song and dance. She entered the stage on a scooter, but was sure to wear a helmet in order to leave a good impression on the students in the crowd. The students hooted and hollered as Mrs. Milne showed off her hula hooping talent. The hoops were decked up with illuminations, so the stage was prepared to completely dim the stage lights. Mrs. Milne impressed all by hula hooping around her head as well as two simultaneously on her hips.

Between almost every act, bands composed of students and teachers took the stage. Teachers involved in the bands included history teachers Mr. Tim Giblin and Mr. Gordon Strick, as well as Mr. Powers, and Mr. Betschart. Of all the many songs played by the bands, “Moondance” by Van Morrison seemed to be the most pleasing to the audience due to its familiarity with everyone.

Perhaps the most thrilling part of the night was when Becky Chariton, Kayla Sweeney, and Mr. Connors returned to the stage dressed in all black attire. ‘The Barbara Streisand Dance Group,’ as they called themselves, danced with all of the auditorium lights off and wowed the crowd with glow sticks taped to their backs which gave the illusions of dancing skeletons. Students involved in “The Barbara Streisand Dance Group” included sophomores Brian and Andrew Hazerjian, freshmen Mikey van der Linden and Ray Brouwer, and many others. Guidance counselor Ms. Lisa Conley also took part in the band with her talent of playing the flute, just as she did in last years show.

For the performers this year, the theater show was a very good success. “It was a way to get to know teachers outside of school and to see how the spend their spare time” said junior Ali Ajemian. “[It’s a way to] unite students and teachers in a non-academic setting.”

Though the turnout for the student faculty theater show was low this year, audiences were still thrilled to see their peers and teachers show off their great talents on stage. As each entry ticket cost five dollars, a total of one hundred and thirty dollars were raised by the event, as well as two full boxes of food donations for the Walpole Food Pantry. Mr. Connors hopes to make the event an annual one, so anyone who missed out on this years show is enthused to attend next year. “I think [Mr. Connors] was happy with the outcome” said Becky Chariton. “I think the event just brings something fun to the school.”