Students Sell T-Shirts for Cancer


Courtney Gorman

The students of Mrs. Tobey’s sophomore honors history classes are occupied with their service projects that have been going on since January. Some of the projects include organizing a road race, staging a concert, or selling bracelets for Cystic Fibrosis. One group has decided to make t-shirts and sell them—donating the profits to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

The group’s members include sophomores Ashley Waldron, Courtney Gorman, Abby White, Marisa Mansen, and Olivia O’Hara. The shirts are black inscribed with the words: “KEEP THE ♥ BEAT ALIVE” and under that the shirt says “BEAT CANCER”. Because these t-shirts are expensive to make, the group has asked sponsors to donate money. The left over money from the t-shirts and the donations from the supporters will all be used to give to Dana Farber.

To further increase profit, the group has already held a fundraiser at the Ninety Nine Restaurant in which anybody who received a certain flyer could be eligible for the crusade.  Ninety Nine agreed that fifteen percent of the proceeds can be donated to Dana Farber. As a result, 40 dollars was raised that night, and both the history group and the restaurant benefited.

Group member Ashley Waldron said, “I expected the project to turn out great and so far it’s going in a good direction. We didn’t think it would be a hassle to pull off.” The project has gone smoothly so far as many supporters have wanted to order t-shirts.

The t-shirts will be on sale until May 19, 2012, when all the proceeds will be handed in to Dana Farber. Maddy Waple said concerning the status of the project: “The project is going well so far with the amount of donations and sponsorships we have gotten to help with the project. Everyone should buy a t-shirt!”

The group is not just doing the project for a good grade, but as Abby White said, “the thought that we helped someone in need is great.”