League of Women Voters Advocates Voting in High School


Some women involved in the League of Women Voters converse with a student registering to vote.

Amanda McManus

The Westwood-Walpole League Of Women Voters, a local branch of the national non-partisan League of Women Voters who aim at citizen participation in government, attended Walpole High the other day in order to register students to vote. The women involved are dedicated to keeping democracy strong by helping voters register, holding public forums, monitoring government activity (from city councils to Congress) and much more. The LWV is over 90 years old, and has been informing local areas about all kinds of political activity and would be glad to register anyone of age to vote.

Some women involved in the League of Women Voters converse with a student registering to vote.

Upcoming elections encouraged by the LWV are: Walpole Town Election on June 2, 2012, where voters can have a say in the Override, the Board of Selectman, the School Committee and more; Massachusetts State Primary election on September 6, 2012, which will determine state representatives; and the Presidential Election on November 6, 2012, which of course determines who will take the presidency. The women want everyone to have a say specifically in the Presidential Election coming up soon, and have advocated that anyone turning 18 by November 6th should register.

If more high school students register to vote, they could potentially have a say in the approaching vote on whether or not the Override passes. High school students being  directly effected voters in this particular situation would make a huge impact on the issue, which is why students are encouraged to register to vote. Students taking Government class this year helped out at the tables in the cafeteria where the LWV set up registration tables.

The tables catch students attention with signs and encouraging statements.

The tables, adorned with encouraging political signs made by Walpole High students, made available the Mail-In Voter Registration Form, a list of upcoming elections, and information on applying for an Absentee Ballot, which will be of use to a registered voter unable to vote at the polls because of absence from the area, physical disability, or religious beliefs.

The registration went well, with up to 45 students now legal and registered to vote thanks to the LWV. If you would like to register to vote, but missed the registration at Walpole High School, stop by the Town Hall to get Registration Forms, Absentee Ballots, and anything else you might need in order to vote.