Need to Know for 2012-2013 Candidates

Primary elections for the sophomore class will be on May 21.

Primary elections for the sophomore class will be on May 21.

Maggie Moriarty

Primary elections for the sophomore class will be on May 21.

The Class of 2014 has gained rapid fire in this year’s election season for officers and representatives.  This year, there are 36 candidates for representatives, many of them include candidates for reelection.  For all officer positions besides Secretary, there will be a required primary election on May 21.  With elections just around the corner, here are the candidates for President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer for the Class of 2014.

Class of 2014:
Hannah McLaughlin is running for President once again. She has been apart of Student Council and President for the last two years, with competitors such as Adam Finkle. Hannah participates in field hockey and lacrosse, all while managing 5 honors classes. McLaughlin said “Being President of the class of 2014 has allowed me to get acquainted with so many of my peers, and representing them has been amazing”.  Furthermore, she said “If re-elected, I will continue to listen to the opinions and suggestions of the class”.

This will be Remy Love’s first attempt at being on Student Council, and she has decided to run for President.  Theses days, Remy takes 3 honors classes and participates in different cheerleading teams year round. Although she has no experience, Remy said that her “surplus of ideas and organization skills will definitely help her with the responsibilities of a junior-class president”.  With so many candidates to decide between, Love said that “I think people will be intersested to see what I can bring to the school”.

The last candidate for President is Nick Ferguson.  Nick has not had any former experience with Student Council but hopes to gain the experience as President.  In school, Nick takes 3 honors classes along with playing football and rec basketball. Ferguson said that he wants to be President “so that everyone can have a say in how we run things”.  Nick also said that he doesn’t have any ideas set in stone, so he’d “be down to listen to any ideas”.



Matthew Brownsword has been apart of Student Council as well as the Handbook Committee for two years now, serving as Vice President.  During freshman year, he was not apart of the Council, but then was after the new policy was put in place.  He takes 4 honors classes, not including AP US History, and plays soccer for the High School along with other leagues throughout the entire year. He said, “[he] thinks that [his] experience as a Vice President and a student council officer will make sure that [he succeeds] in making the junior year and the years beyond fun and beneficial to any student in the Class of 2014.”

Ashley Waldron has contributed to the Student Council for 2 years now, serving as a class representative. Waldron takes 5 honors classes, plays 3 varsity sports (field hockey, winter track, lacrosse), and dances at Walpole Dance Center. Waldron said that “I want to be part of the junior class officers and be able to bring my creative vibe to board, especially with all of the upcoming responsibilites this position will require”.

Harrison Berkland is playing his cards for Vice President this year for the Class of 2014. Berkland currently has no experience with Student Council but would like to fulfill his position as Vice President “because [he] truly believes [he] can make great contributions to the school as a whole, not just the future junior class”.  Along with playing football, Berkland takes honors latin and honors history, but enjoys just hanging out with his friends “like a normal high school student”.


Maggie Moriarty is running for her first time on office as Secretary.  She has been apart of Student Council for two years as a representative.  Besides Student Council, Moriarty plays soccer, lacrosse, and piano, as well as taking 4 honors classes.  As a candidate this year, she would like voters to know that “although this is [her] first time running for office, [she] believe that [she] can handle the upcoming responsibilities that being part of the officers of junior year require with the experience [she has] gained as a representative thus far”.

Nikki D’Andrea hopes to continue her responsibilities as Secretary from the two years she has already run.  Nikki runs cross-country and track all year round and has been class Secretary for two years running.  D’Andrea ran for Secretary initially because she “thought it would be a fun way to help the school and voice [her] own opinions”.  For this election year she would like voters to be informed that “if anyone has any ideas, they could come and tell me anything”.  D’Andrea has enjoyed being Secretary for two years now, and “hopes to be re-elected”.


Peter Hoegler is running for treasurer for the first time, continuing his experience with Student Council after he served this year for the first time as a representative.  Outside of Student Council, Hoegler plays soccer, basketball, and runs track, all while handling 5 honors classes and AP U.S. History.  He spends the free time that he can find hanging out with his friends. During this election season, he would like voters to know that he’s “dedicated to Stuco and hopes to continue the great experiences [he has] already made with one year”

C.J. Weinacht is continuing his work on Student Council from representative to Treasurer (if elected). During school, C.J. takes honors bio and honors spanish, as well as playing soccer and running track year round. Weinacht is running for treasurer because of his life long dream. “When I was a kid I always wanted to be a pirate and dig for treasures, so running for Treasurer seemed like the right job for me” said C.J.

Ross Doty is working to be on Student Council this year by running for Treasurer.  Doty takes honors bio, participates in track by throwing shot and discus, and sings for both the jazz choir and church choir outside of school. Inside of school, Ross is on the Walpole Robotics team and is currently trying to receive the Global Studies award.  Even though he does not have experience with Student Council, he doesn’t see that as “necessarily a bad thing”.