Mike Griffin Stares At The Audience This Weekend


This poster seen around Walpole High advertises the production.

Aurora Hebner


This poster seen around Walpole High advertises the production.

It’s undeniable that the Drama Club’s production of Grease is going to be hard to live up to, but this Friday and Saturday, May 4 and 5 at 7:30 pm, the club will be presenting “The Man Who Stared At The Audience.”  Admission for students and senior citizens costs five dollars, and general admission is six dollars.  Hosted by sophomore Mike Griffin, the show consists of thirteen short comedies, a musical number, and an original play written by senior John Griffin.

Typically, the spring theater event consists of radio shows, skits in which students sit on stage and read scripted dialogue, which would generally be read by a radio host.  Mike Griffin said “We decided to do comedies this year because we switch it off occasionally and we like to make people laugh!”  Director, Mr. James D’Attilio assigned the students to each one of the thirteen shorts.

The Drama Club has worked hard throughout their eight practices, by the fourth of which the members were expected to memorize their lines and begin run-throughs of the entire show.  An avid Drama Club member, junior Jessica McNamara said “My personal favorite part is John’s play which involves a boy’s dance number and Alex Marcinkowski in a unitard.”  That being said, the production is sure to be a sight to see.

“The Man Who Stares At The Audience” is expected to be a crowd-pleaser.  Griffin himself has high hopes for the show, saying “The Drama Club has worked really hard at the show and it should be great!”