GSA Diversity Club Brings Back Day of Silence


Dana Morrone

Last year, the first Day of Silence at Walpole High School proved itself extremely successful. Over one hundred students, which is approximately one sixth of the school’s population, vowed to stay silent for onan entire school day. The ultimate goal of the nation-wide Day of Silence is to shed light upon individuals who suffer in silence everyday; It was introduced to raise awareness to the silencing effect of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) youth, as well as plain bullying and harrasment. As the GSA Diversity Club continues to spead its wings, and the acceptance of the LGBT youth increases, the Day of Silence has been brought back again for it’s second year at Walpole High.

Jaquil Brooks, a senior at Walpole High School, is an active group leader of the GSA Diversity Club, also known as the Gay-Straight Alliance. He played a big part in creating the club, and currently establises most of the group’s events. Last year, Brooks actively made the Day of Silence present at Walpole High, and continues to push for more diversity programs. He believes strongly in the connection between these types of students at our school. Brooks believes that the day of silence not only benefits those in silence, but also those witnessing these students in honor of others. “Students get to realize, witness, and think about the actions of the anti-LGBT language, bullying, harrasment; while at the same  time, the LGBT students of the school get to realize and see how many other students actually care about them and the challenges they experience” said Brooks. Nevermind the overarching benefits across the country, he says that our school’s participation in the Day of Silence continues the “nation-wide conversation around issues of LGBT equality, education, and bullying.”
Last year’s Day of Silence was a huge success: Over 100 students took part in the vow of silence. GSA leaders Ms. Wick, Ms. Fasolino, and Jaquil Brooks hope to outrun last year’s participation, and hit for more than one hundred student participation in next’s week big day.
Some students are questioning whether or not one can not speak for a whole day with no problems from faculty. One rule that applies to the Day of Silence is that when teachers are aware that you are taking part, and they ask you to still participate in class time when called upon, that student must speak. Those who wish to participate on Thursday, May 10, should see either Ms. Wick or Ms. Fasolino as soon as possible in order to get a permission form and a ‘necklace’. The last day to sign up for participation is Tuesday, May 8.  Students are strongly encouraged to take part in the Day of Silence this year in order to show their support for the LGBT youth.