Bodin Brings Walpole Softball Back on Track


Catcher prepares for the pitch.

Mehron Hoag

Catcher prepares for the pitch.
Walpole's catcher reacts to the pitch.


Junior Lauren Bodin was named one of the captains of the 2012 Varsity Softball Team on May 2 — nine games into an eighteen game season.  This unexpected announcement was made after Walpole suffered two hard losses from both Dedham and Norwood.  With Bodin joining the other previously named captains, Seniors Katie Cavaca and Jill Songin, and Junior Bridget Nicholson, Walpole has gone 4-0 and improved their record to 8-5.  So although the mid-season announcement was unexpected, this recognition has definitely had a positive impact.

Bodin has been a strong player all around the diamond throughout the season both with her bat and her glove.  Even before she was named captain, she stepped up and played center field instead of her usual position, catcher, due to injuries on the team.

Her strong ability to play multiple positions well has helped the team to win difficult games during the entire season, such as the game against Natick. Bodin said, “As a captain, I hope to just make this season as fun as possible and to motivate us to play our best game all of the time.”  She greatly contributes to the team by keeping a positive, upbeat attitude no matter what the score is and making sure the team does not get down on themselves.

Bodin was excited to be given the position as Captain. She said, “It feels good being a captain because I’ve worked hard on varsity since freshman year and it’s nice to see my hard work paying off.”

Bodin’s contributions to the team as a captain have helped the team work hard to achieve their goal of making tournament.  Even after having a rough start to the season, the team has picked it up and is on their way there.

Ever since this addition to the captains, the team has been playing extremely well both defensively and offensively:  Walpole has two wins against Needham and Natick with scores of 5-1 and 3-1.

In the Natick game on May 4 Bodin contributed to two RBIs that assisted Walpole with the win. In the first inning of the game, sophomore pitcher Stephanie Sem started off firing, only allowing Natick batters to get one hit. When Natick batters were able to get their bats on the ball, Walpole’s defense was on their toes and made key plays. Sem only had to face three batters in the first inning due to a double play by sophomore Mehron Hoag at second base and a catch by sophomore Lauren Regan in left field.

Offensively, Walpole was not doing their best, as the Natick pitcher had four strikeouts and a no hitter in the first three innings. Walpole seemed to be hitting the ball to the wrong spots, and were   were hitting it to the Natick shortstop who continually made great plays.

In the second inning the shortstop, who also played a fierce offense, stepped up to the plate and hit the ball into right field, giving her a single. After stealing second and third, she made it home, giving Natick a lead of 1-0.

By the fourth inning Walpole was determined to step up their game. To start off, sophomore Lauren Regan was walked. Walpole finally began to figure out the Natick pitcher and started to hit. Junior Bridget Nicholson hit the ball to the pitcher but advanced a runner, although getting out herself.  Bodin also came through with a solid hit, letting Regan score from second base, and putting Walpole on the board with her key RBI.

The score all tied up 1-1, Walpole defensively began to shut down Natick even more, determined for another win against Natick. Despite Natick runners getting seveal hits, three outs came quickly with good plays by third baseman junior Jess Cochrane ad Hoag.

Walpole continued on to try to take the lead in the fifth inning. Regan stepped up and placed a bunt down, and was advanced by a hit from Nicholson. Bodin once again proved herself in this situation, getting a double to send Regan home, and making another RBI to get Walpole a 2-1 lead.

Natick put forth their best effort, but they were not able to score any more runs against the the Rebels’ on fire defense. Sem had three strike outs, one of which was against the tough clean up hitter, the shortstop. Regan made an athletic catch in left field saving a runner to be on the bases; defensively, Walpole was on their A game.

Walpole, only having a one point lead, wanted to secure the win by getting more runs. Juniors Britney McGraw and Cochrane both got singles, and advanced on a wild pitch. Hoag came up next and finished up the game with a hit to left field, allowing McGraw to score. The Rebels beat NAtick with a final score of 3-1.

With the recent announcing of Bodin as captain, the Rebels seem to be gaining momentum on the field and at bat, especially with the win over Natick.