Michelle Monahan Breaks School Throwing Record


Mackenzie Wilson

  In a town like Walpole, sports are a big deal. Students will donate nearly their entire school year to practicing, playing, and cheering on their teams as well as others. Out of these students, the best players and teams will always covet after the school records. The greatest honor any athlete can gain is breaking the record and having their name etched into school history. In this past spring track season, junior Michelle Monahan has become one of those lucky athletes. With a throw of 104′ 4″ she broke the previous discus record from 1977.

This is not the first time that Monahan has broken the school record; however, the first time was under major speculation. The speculation came during a track meet versus Milton last year, when the officials missed her longest throw of the season. Monahan confessed that she was upset over the confusion as it was her best throw of the season. However, now that her skills for throwing have been proven, Monahan said, “It’s great to know that my hard work has paid off and I hope to keep breaking my records.”

She is not entirely without competition. Senior Lizzy Almeda is not too far behind with her own best throw of 101′ 10″.  However, Monahan has one more year of throwing, unlike Almeda, giving her more time to beat whatever record Almeda or her may set. Beating the record could even happen at states for track this year on May 26. Monahan qualified in the first meet of the season with an impressive throw of over 90 feet – the qualifying length being 87 feet. She placed 12th last year and has expectations of placing even higher this year.

Michelle Monahan can definitely be described as a sporty girl. She is constantly involved in sports – playing field hockey in fall and basketball in the winter.  With such a busy sports schedule, Monahan describes herself as being in constant training.  She is so much more than a sports star and keeps her academic standards as high as her sports standards.

Monahan is an active member of the National Honor Society and takes AP and honors classes, thus proving her brains and rightful membership. She is also highly involved in other school activities including prom committee and is the current junior class president. “Being class president is a big responsibility,” said Monahan, “It has definitely taught me great leadership skills.” This is her third year as class president and Monahan hopes for reelection this fall.

When she is not busy with school or sports, Monahan is often off supporting her sister – each of her sisters dance.  She did too, up until high school when she realized she would rather participate in team sports for the chance a competing. “I enjoy going to their shows to see them and I love when they are able to come to my games and meets,” said Monahan. Her father was also a thrower and was the reason that she chose track in the first place. Monahan now cannot imagine playing another sport. Michelle Monahan is always the type of girl to give everything 100%. Whether it is athletics or school, she will always be giving it her all.