NBA Playoffs Eastern Conference Round 2 Predictions

NBA Playoffs Eastern Conference Round 2 Predictions

Jake Moser

Wade hopes to lead his team to another finals appearance.

Miami Heat (2) v. Indiana Pacers (3)

This series is going to test the resolve of both teams.  Both sides play a physical brand of basketball, so needless to say there will be some hard fouls in this series.  The deciding factor will be the star power of each side.  Who will it be?  The Heat’s Lebron James and Dwyane Wade or the Pacers’ Danny Granger and Roy Hibbert?  The Pacers have a deeper team, with eight players averaging double-digit points per game (compared to the Heat’s four); however, the pure athletic ability of the Heat’s big three (Wade, James, and Chris Bosh) will just be too much for Larry Bird’s young team.

Prediction: Heat win in seven.



Boston Celtics (4) v. Philadelphia 76ers (8)

Ray Allen looks to play through the pain and advance to the next round.

This series comes down to one thing: Experience.  The Celtics have plenty, but the 76ers do not.  Although the Sixers have talent in Andre Iggoudala and Jrue Holiday, the Celtics will handle them easily with steady play from Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, as well as the resurgent play from Kevin Garnett.  Oh and don’t forget Rajon Rondo, arguably one of the best playoff-point-guards in the NBA.  In addition, the defensive style plays right into the hands of the Celtic offense.  Philly likes to take chances on defense, going for steal and full-court press, which will help the Celtics get some more open shots–especially for Ray Allen.  Look for this series to be surprisingly short and relatively painless.  However, there is one variable: the health of the Celtics.  Will minor injuries to Pierce (knee), Allen (ankle), and Avery Bradley (shoulder) the Celtics might be a little slow up and down the court.  Although, these injured Celtics all have played through these injuries, so look for them to continue to do so.

Prediction: Celtics win in five.