After 35 years of teaching Math, Lisa Pearson says goodbye


Mrs. Pearson at her desk during her last days at Walpole High School.

Kelsey Whittier

As the end of the year rolls around students become ecstatic and eager to begin their summer, but among all of the excitement they tend to forget the detrimental side to the end of a school year—retirements of beloved faculty members. One who will be especially missed this year is Mrs. Lisa Pearson, who has decided to retire from teaching mathematics after 35 years.

She has been working at Walpole High School for a whopping 31 years and as she puts it, “My whole life is here. I have spent over half my life working at this school.” Although she will greatly miss teaching at Walpole High she hopes to still continue teaching at least part time at another school. She joked about her dream job, which is to open a bakery because she is good at cooking.

Being a math teacher, getting the precise amount of each ingredient must be a piece of cake for her.

Mrs. Pearson’s pursuit of a career as a teacher began at the young age of 12, and math seemed like the reasonable choice to teach because it was her best subject. She went to college at Framingham State College for her undergraduate degree and Worcester Polytechnic Institute for her masters. Both were logical choices for her so she could stay close to where she grew up, Worcester Massachusetts. Currently residing in Foxborough MA, Mrs. Pearson has remained true to her Massachusetts roots.

She has had many memorable experiences at Walpole High including when the basketball team won the State Championship, being the Freshmen field hockey coach, and above all—meeting her husband. Most people agree that when one finds true love in high school they are extremely lucky; to be able to share their undying feelings at a time of growth and new experiences is priceless, but what about when it happens to two high school faculty members?

Well for Mr. and Mrs.  Pearson, cupid must have launched an arrow their way while striking other teenage lovebirds. He was the band director and she was the math teacher. It all began when the two met working on the school talent show years ago and since then the two have made a life for themselves with their two children.

When asked what she would miss most about teaching Mrs Pearson said, “The kids, the other teachers and faculty, just everything.”  Technology/Engineering teacher Mrs. Paula Fontaine said “Her pinkness will definitely be missed. She has the best style and great outfits.”  Her students will also miss having the opportunity to be taught by Mrs. Pearson. Sophomore Meghan Dundon said, “Mrs. Pearson has really helped me learn algebra this year. She makes it easy to learn. “ And sophomore Jon Rockwood said,  “She never fails to make the class laugh, whether its joking along with us or saying her legendary quote ‘that junk squared, multiplied, divided…etc.”

During the 2011-2012 school year, Mrs Pearson taught algebra I and II cp1 and calculus honors. She said, “My favorite class to teach is algebra.” It is evident to students that she very much enjoys teaching. Sophomore Marisa Mansen said, “You can tell Mrs Pearson loves what she does. I’ll be sad to see her go.”

Mrs. Pearson has experienced some of her greatest moments here. She said, “It’s scary that it’s ending, but I guess it’s time for a new chapter in my life.” Students and teachers alike will definitely suffer the loss of this memorable teacher