Celtics Regain Lead in Series With 107-91 Victory


Rajon Rondo driving to the basket.

Jake Moser

Rajon Rondo driving to the basket.

If there was any question before Wednesday as to who is the better team in this matchup, there is not one now.  After splitting the first two games of the series in Boston, the Celtics stomped the Philadephia 76ers, 107-91.

An encouraging sign for a Celtics team that has seen flashes of brilliance from most of their stars at one point or another, but never at the same time, was the plethora of scoring options available in game three.  Rajon Rondo (23 points 14 assists), Paul Pierce (24 points 12 rebounds), and Kevin Garnett (27 pints 13 rebounds) all finished the game with double-doubles, as well as 13 points from Michael Pietrus and 10 points from Brandon Bass. Perhaps the most startling stat for the Celtics: 7 turnovers. Now that’s a stat that will help a team go far in the playoffs.  By going to their stars early and often the Celtics were able to storm ahead with ease.

As for the Sixers, they simply didn’t take high percentage shots.  To many perimeter shots, which they did not hit, put them in a hole early and they never recovered.  If they had driven to the basket more, a Celtic squad that struggles with rebounding would have had a tough time competing in the paint.  Despite this, there were bright spots for the 76ers. Thaddeus Young had 22 points, and Jrue Holiday chipped in with 15 points of his own.

Next game is on Friday in Boston.  Look for both team to fight for their lives, as the Celtics look to put the Sixers on the ropes and the 76ers fight to even up the series at two games apiece.