Close Election Brings New Class Representatives and Officers


Maggie Moriarty

This year’s election season brought in a total of 321 votes schoolwide, 168 coming from the freshman class, 120 from the sophomores, and a total of 33 votes from the juniors. The students lined up to diligently cast their votes, revealing the final representatives and officers for the various councils.

The Senior Officers include Michelle Monahan as President, Holly Norberg as Vice President, Sydney King as Secretary, and Kemble Lindh as Treasurer. Along with these officers, the representatives include Steph Barmakian, Bridget Nicholson, Jared Porack, Marissa Ryan, Julianne Saia, Molly Breen, and Ryan Erwin.  The Senior Class allows for 12 members as representatives.  However, with only 8 thus far, there will be room for more members in the future, leading Student Council to hold another election based on applications.

The Junior Class Officers consist of Remy Love as President, Harrison Berkland as Vice President, Maggie Moriarty as Secretary, and CJ Weinacht as Treasurer.  Furthermore, the 12 representatives are: Moira Crowley, Mehron Hoag, Karalyn Kickham, Hannah McLaughlin, Jon Rockwood, Abbey Smith, Jack Stedman, Bailey Tudor, Ashley Waldron, Siobhan Kemple, Catherine Murphy, and Stephanie Sem.  Because of the 36 different candidates, the sophomore class had the second largest number of voters, quickly filling up the 12 spots with a number of close votes and upsets.

In the upcoming Sophomore class, the officers or co-presidents will be left undecided until it is confirmed amongst the sophomores themselves.  However, the class representatives include: Lindsey Bruen, Brianna Conley, Leah Erwin, Annie Gallivan, Rachel Goula, Mary Hinton, Lucy Lynch, Colleen Reilly, Claudia Shoenthaler, Emerald Walsh, Bryan Kelliher, and Kody McCann.  The freshman class had many close votes, bringing about the most votes for a class schoolwide.

As previously announced, the officers for student council are Emma Commiskey as President, Caleb Cofsky as Vice President, Jen McDonald as Publicity Coordinator, Co-Treasurers Michaela Barry and Connor McCarthy, and Co-Secretaries Seana Cofsky and Amber Walsh.  Also decided on were the Student Advisory Council (Michaela Barry and Matt Brownsword) and the Student Advisers to the Walpole High School Committee (Jess McNamara, John J. Buckley, and Nikki D’Andrea.)