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    PaulJul 10, 2015 at 12:28 pm

    James, what a shame you didn’t express the same amount of outrage at Mr. Finneran’s rag. Trespassing and vandalism are clearly against the law. That was wrong, no doubt. But how about stepping up to the plate as well on the other side, just as strongly, if not stronger, about what that flag is all about. “Potentially harmful”? How much more tepid can you get.

    Not that Mr. Finneran cares – because clearly he is more concerned and caught up with his own self-centered ‘rights’ – he can be reached at the following address for those who want to write to him in a civil manner to express their disdain for his gutless behavior. That is certainly legal.

    Mr. Joseph E. Finneran
    15 Occident Cir Walpole, MA 02081-3338

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    James CullinaneJun 13, 2012 at 4:45 am

    Last time I checked, it’s been almost two decades since the Confederate Flag was used as the official or unofficial mascot for any sports team in Walpole. It is associated, unfairly, might I add, with the football team, however, I have never seen any type of endorsement of this symbol in my time at Walpole High School.

    During the era in which it was used a symbol of school spirit, “General Lee” and his Rebels were not the only teams using this symbol; check the yearbooks. In fact, I believe many of which have a large confederate flag plastered on their covers.

    Furthermore, we should keep in mind that whoever this wannabe-vigilante is has commited a crime, rather than speculate his or her motives. The flag that hangs on the boundary of Turco Field, regardless of any offensive effect it may have on citizens of both Walpole and other towns, remains on private land and is the private property of a long-time citizen of Walpole. Speaking for myself, I can say whole-heartedly that if my property was defaced with equally offensive spray paint, I would be enraged (as I hope everybody reading this would be).

    However, if a culprit were to do so, I would prefer they matched colors to avoid any type of conspicous effect…

    All jokes aside, this sounds an awful lot like malicious destruction of property and I don’t think it should be celebrated as some sort of heroic act.

    And for the record, this isn’t some big endorsement of the Confederate Flag as the school’s mascot; it is simply a former student reminding all readers that the school and its athletic programs have done all they can to disassociate themselves from this potentially harmful symbol. What this private citizens decides to do with his property should be left to his own will and not up to wannabe avengers with a can of spray paint.

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