Freshman Orientation Eases Transition for Class of 2016


An incoming freshman asks questions to Walpole High teacher Mr. Hinck

Andrea Lee

An incoming freshman asks questions to Walpole High teacher Mr. Hinck


Everyone at Walpole High can remember being a freshman: scared, nervous, and worried about getting lost. What lunch do I have? Where are my classes? Is there really a pool on the fourth floor? This year, upperclassmen from various school organizations joined together as Rebel Ambassadors on September 4th for Freshman Orientation. The goal of the event was to help the freshman transition into Walpole High: “[Orientation is] really for them to get a feel for what the high school is like so that the “real” first day is a little less stressful,” said Guidance Counselor Ms. Lisa Conley.

National Honor Society members and seniors Vandana Apte, Amber Walsh, and Andrea Lee chaired the orientation along with the help of Administration and the Guidance Department. There was an overwhelming response and the majority of incoming freshman attended. Upperclassmen ushered the class of 2016 in to the auditorium to face a stage full of volunteers and hear a brief introduction of the day’s activities. Then, kids were separated by last name to go to homerooms to ask questions, and listen to upperclassmen offer as much information as they could. Freshman listened to discussions about anything from lunches to staircases and more. With lots of information to digest, they were then released into the hallways to attend their seven classes and get a brief introduction to the course.

After all of the periods, the class was then split into two groups for two different activities. While one group attended the activity fair, the other joined the pizza party in the cafeteria. The latter provided a fun time for the freshman to experience the lunch line and the cafeteria, and just hang out with their friends. Ambassadors put on music and volunteers gave out freeze pops, and of course, pizza.

The activity fair took place in the auditorium and had tables lining all the walls with the numerous sports, clubs, and activities that Walpole High offers. Some of the many clubs represented there included Dance Company, who showed their DVD of last year’s performance, Film Festival, which showed the documentary, and Robotics, who had a demonstration of a basketball shooting robot. The fair gave the freshman a chance to learn what possible extra-curricular activities they could get involved in and some even signed up for them on the spot.

Freshman Orientation seemed to be a success for both the volunteers and the incoming class. “Orientation made the first day a lot less overwhelming,” said freshman Jessie Connolly; “It was great having the upperclassmen there to help when we got confused and they told us all the ups and downs of WHS.” The event provided another smooth transition for the freshman as they settle in at the school where they will spend their next four years, and gave the class a chance to look at all that Walpole High has to offer.